The most Smartwatches that have been developed so far, are rather meant as a supplement for every smartphone users. The market of “stand-alone” watches could according to the market research firm Allied market research (AMR) but soon gain upper hand and dominate the Smartwatch market.

That great potential is attributed to the Smartwatch market is out of the question. There are specific figures now by AMR, which the wearables are forecasting growth at a growth rate of just under 67 percent to $32.9 billion up to the year 2020. The market is divided on one in the conventional Smartwatch, which should support the Smartphone users as a helping hand and paired only with another device, makes sense. On the other hand the Smartwatches occur at the moment, rather more sporadically, which can be used as a stand-alone device with Wi-FI and SIM card and to mobile phones serve not just as an extended arm. This stand-alone wearables generated last year while only 20 per cent of the turnover in the Smartwatch segment, should dominate but according to AMR from the year 2017.

China could be responsible for that by 2020 that appear less expensive Smartwatches on the market, while the United States could represent the main buyers of watches with $11.2 billion so AMR. For the apps , AMR sees clearly the applications most support the user personally and so to speak life easier make him being also a steady growth attributed to fitness and security applications. We will have to wait unfortunately a few years to verify whether the figures actually verify.