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1969, the Omega Speedmaster came on the market, with the Omega Speedmaster Mark II It is relaunched 45 years later: The model from 2014 is not completely different, however, than its predecessor. Similarities can be seen in particular visually. Changes, however, showed up when the engraved housing floor was opened.

There, a work was concealed, which Chronos editor Jens Koch was difficult to make out of as a heavily modified Valjoux work, because Omega apparently created a hand. There is nothing left of typical elements such as bridge shapes, rotors and fine regulation. In the article you will learn how the revised work works–and what Omega has changed about it. Download here for 2.90 Euro!

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The Mark II has also been improved technically in another place. So there is now a date that was very skilfully and hardly disturbingly integrated into the twelve-hour counter. And of course the sapphire crystal is also new; The original was equipped with a mineral glass. There was nothing to improve on the dial: Time and stop times can be read very well. This is all the more gratifying, as this important property is often neglected nowadays.

The bracelet was improved at the new. Very pleasant to use and helpful is the integrated belt extension into the clasp. In several steps the bracelet can be extended by about an inch by pressing a button on the inside of the clasp. The wearing comfort is due to the high and heavy casing and the lofty engraving on the floor, however, through growth.

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Large-Format Detail pictures

Data sheet: Specifications of clock and plant

Aisle protocol: Time scale test

Rating o’clock: processing, design, legibility, wearing and operating comfort

Rating plant: Construction, processing, Finissage, gait accuracy

Value for money

Expert opinion of Watchmaker Master Rainer Meerut, owner of jeweller’s core in Ulm

Clear scoring System for evaluation

Test verdict: Pros and cons listed

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