As it has become customary with the end of the week, in Galaxy Engadget Mobile We will make a brief overview of some of the most interesting articles that can be found in the panorama blogger in Spanish, all of them in any way related with mobile telephony and mobility in general. Get comfortable.

  • Summer is here and with it, for those who still not the absences, holidays. In the time of rest can try to catch us on with the series or films that we haven’t seen in the past few months thanks to the application guide for watching movies and series online for free on Android hands of the
  • The blog of the CMT presents a report by the consulting firm Ovum, under the title of “ OMVs: friends or enemies? ”, presents the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the large operators “ rent ” your network the different virtual mobile operators today day presents one of the most varied service offerings.
  • Goponygo It also presents its particular proposal for lowering the cost of our holiday with an elaborate review of applications which make use of VoIP, or whatever it is called free using our data rate.
  • Touchwiz nature would be the name of the new interface of Samsung to its stage of development. For the moment, the concept that presents Free Android It is not for nothing more than an interesting patent application, so it still remains to be seen if someday we will see this interface running on a smartphone of Koreans.
  • Engadget Smart Home, one of the latest proposals of this not so Holy House, tells us mobile WeMo, a development of Belkin which, combined with the application developed for iOS devices, allows us to control various electrical devices which can usually be found in any home.
  • Finally, and just anecdotally, we invite you to attend a funny video that bring us our colleagues from Applesfera where we can find the “ strangers ” parallels existing between the presentation of the first generation of iPad by Steve Jobs and the recent emergence of Microsoft Surface, with Steve Ballmer at the front, including the failure of the device in full keynote.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form at Ehotelat.