Months ago I spoke of FES, a very curious project within Sony as was e-ink Watch (isn’t a smartwatch) who was born in a company-driven crowdfunding platform. Soon you will reach the first shops and we already know what will be its price. If you are interested in do you with it, You should know that you you must make an effort to get it.

FES will be available in the Design, MoMA Store in Omotesando and Isetan in Shinjuku. Both in Japan and with a clear focus by Sony in Guide to the world of fashion and its public to put aside the public more technological. The smartwatch will be available from 1 December and no, do not worry you will not need go to the land of the rising sun to do with it.

In addition to these two stores, FES you can buy in the online store of MoMA in Japan and also through First Flight soon. In the official statement issued Sony do not give more details about a global launch it currently seems that it will have a very limited distribution beyond the sale through these two digital platforms. The price change is of about 230 euros not including shipping.

So were born the crowdfunding project in Sony

FES Watch was introduced more than one year ago as a device that it was only necessary to press a button to customize the clock. First forecasts of its creators were to be in the market for may. Finally it has not been possible and its release date has been delayed to December.

To launch new products, Sony believe First Flight. A kind of platform of crowdfunding to seek help that the proposals that are made from within the company grow and they can be converted into final products. The people of Fez, in this case, is an independent Studio but with some relationship to one of the divisions.

That link the project could climb in the Japanese company and reach where it is today. Being an internal platform, you don’t have so many proposals for financing such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo which today are reference in everything that has to do with crowdfunding. In addition to FEZ There are three more projects: other connected clock, a customizable remote and a kit of DIY called MESH. With our support, we can help you go forward.

Was it really necessary that Sony pulled out a platform of this kind to finance projects? If we stick to finances not (although the company is not going through their best moment) but they serves as thermometer to see the interest that there is in innovative projects. FES Watch, for example, has curdled. We’ll see if sales accompany and if you are encouraged to officially leave Japan.