In the context of the MWC, the manufacturer is Filip technology with its Smartwatch Filip 2 at the start. The wearable is suitable especially for concerned parents, more specifically their children.

As his 3 son Filip Sten Kirkbak was looking for about a half hour, came the idea that parents and children would need to be better connected to prevent worse. Therefore, he founded Filip technology and dealt with a Smartwatch which is specially designed for children. The Filip 2 Smartwatch is already available, as we did in the last year already reported. In the frame of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there are new photos and details to the smart watch for kids now but once again.

Design can be seen already that the watch for kids is designed. Two models, with either Velcro or the open version, to ensure that the clock well to children poor fits and is comfortable to wear. Further, the children must decide between many different colors.

The Smartwatch with SIM cards slot, WiFi and GPS is equipped. Telephone contacts can select the parents in advance and save, as always the current location can be transferred to your Smartphone of the parents. This is also the basis for the “emergency”function of the wearables. The child presses the Red emergency button will call up to eight previously saved contacts. These can then hear everything via the integrated microphone and locate the child. Definitely, the concept sounds like a very good thing for concerned parents who want to protect their children. Perhaps the Startwatch is offered something popular and inspired other manufacturers at the manufacturer’s site is the watch at the time for 149 dollars through the Mobile World Congress.