Before two days reported we have a Sony planned Smartwatch with an E-paper display. Now the Wall Street Journal wants to know, that this watch was already presented to the public. However but not on Sony’s name, but disguised as a Crowdfunding project.

The so-called FES was watch in September on the Japanese Crowdfunding site presented our site. All details including battery life and price were already at the time announced and managed under the company name of FES fashion entertainment. It now seems that FES fashion entertainment is a subsidiary or a company founded by Sony which is responsible solely for the experiment on the gemunkelten E-paper Smartwatch. Even its own corporate Web site was set up at that time. This secret company allowed Sony to find out whether the watch at potential buyers well received or not.

A target of equivalent €13.539,2 was required for the project, which has been exceeded by 139%. FES was at that time about €18,800. A copy of the FES watch out for €134 available, a price which could come to the final watch very close. The delivery of the first products should begin in may 2015, which also coincides with the rumors of yesteryear.

If you want to make an impression of the clock with the 60 days-lasting battery you already now we have a YouTube video embedded below for you, that the clock shows in the moving image.