Less than a week ago came the rumor: About Fitbit would acquire Pebble for one amount less that fair. However, the days passed and nothing more heard of the subject, although it remained very latent in the technology ecosystem, perhaps waiting for the final go-ahead.

Today the purchase has been made official. Pebble has confirmed on its website that it will lower the curtain and will stop manufacturing and distributing all its devices, promising refunds to all the users who supported their campaigns on Kickstarter, and who have not received their orders. It is as well as dies a small giant of the industry.

Pebble will no longer produce or sell new hardware. Active Pebbles in the wild will keep working. #pebbleXfitbithttps://t.co/SMau6NhCEl pic.twitter.com/8NXb1wBZqu

— Pebble (@Pebble) December 7, 2016

The now ex of wearables announced few hours ago through a publication on Twitter that It will stop producing and selling new hardware, accompanied by the hashtag #FitbitXPebble, thus confirming previous rumors of purchase by another giant that currently holds the Crown of sales worldwide.

On the other hand, the link posted in the tweet leads to a release of the own Eric Migikovsky, CEO of Pebble, where reveals that despite having sold more than two million smart watches over the years who were active, for various reasons it is impossible for the company to continue operating independently , and came to this resolution.

What happen will with my Pebble?

Migikovsky also points out that the Pebbles that are currently on the wrists of users will continue to function as normal, but warns that the support and the development of new functions will be reduced gradually until inevitably will stop completely.

Warranty will also cease to be valid, It is to say that the company’s own technical service has stopped working. However, the support and forums page will continue to work to provide support to the users who require it. On the other hand, accessories such as cables, belts, among other things, will remain on sale in shops of third parties, like Amazon.

Finally, mention is also made that users who supported the campaign of the 2 Pebble and Pebble Time 2 and whose orders not shipped by production delays, will receive a full refund without any additional actions, that is to say Pebble team will handle the entire process.

Additional details about the exact amount of the purchase and the Fitbit plans for the future are unknown. However, since the company acquired only intellectual property and assets of the company, killing your hardware, it is expected that in the future we see new devices with an improved user powered by Pebble platform experience.

Hasta siempre, Pebble!!