Fitbit had been limited so far to offering solutions in the field of “wearable” (wearables) devices and had set aside manufacturers of Smart Watches, but your new product seems to want to entice users of these devices with a curious offer.

New Fitbit Blaze continue focusing on our physical activity monitoring, but on this occasion the design and the format is that of a smart watch that we find a color screen but beware, No app store.

Smartwatch nor bracelet cuantificadora

That difference to the Fitbit’s competitors such as watchOS or Android Wear platform, but we still find tools that make clear the ambition of these new devices in the field of connectivity and notifications: We will know who is calling us and also what calendar appointments have earrings, for example, but there will not be so wide as in Apple and Google solutions options.

The Blaze will be with different types of belts (including plastic, one leather and stainless steel), and how other Fitbit devices the role our physical activity monitoring utilities will take you is.

The heart rate sensor, or sleep monitor for example are some of modes of operation that we will find in this “quantifier clock” that of course also highlights that unique hexagonal design the chassis in which the square touch screen device is embedded.

Fitbit managers have indicated that the Blaze will be available during the month of March to a price that will depart from 200 dollars and he will need to add the cost of these belts. We have a supervitaminada version of the Fitbit Charge HR, but that contrary to the Fitbit arises does not have GPS receiver, since it makes use of the receiver of the phone to which you have connected.