Well, except of course, the cover image. But I promise that everything else is a compilation of real offers, bargains and opportunities only where do not fit or prices to use or little value for money. Go beyond, other Hunting bargains No queues and from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

  • The recent G4 LG already can be found discounted its official price. At Amazon have the titanium model 564 euros, while in Fnac are promoting LG G4 gold by the same 564 euros or the most interesting model, skin, 608 EUR.
  • Ideal as a gift or even for you: the smartphone Motorola Moto E 2015 4G It is grooved at Fnac and stays in a ridiculous 112 euros for offering.
  • Few opportunities like this will have. A original Xiaomi 10,000 mAh battery for only 12 euros. It has input 2 A and two outputs that will not disappoint you as you have.
  • One of those deals that is unthinkable that you take no advantage: the D-Link PLC are sales at Amazon and you can get a kit of two for 28 euros. With them you will have Internet cable beyond where you want from home using the mains.
  • Sports headphone type headband from Philips, with which we obtain comfort, water resistance of can then be washed after exercise and a powerful sound and with good bass, are reduced to only 49 euros at Amazon.
  • Cuantificadora bracelet Fitbit Charge is reduced these days about euros, so take advantage that stays at about 100 euros.
  • We also have camera adventures of Xiaomi, the Yi we already tested on Engadget, at a great discount of 50%, which makes it rests on 61 euros.
  • A way of having the pristine home in summer and help us with the rest of the year is with a vacuum cleaner robot. It is perhaps of those products which one dares not to buy until you see a bargain. Well that time has come because Worten have until Sunday the day without VAT applicable to vacuum cleaners and large domestic appliances. A model known as the Roomba 620 would sit us on little more than 250 euros.
  • If you are going to go to the beach or vacation home and need simple but rather diagonal TV, LG Worten of 43 inches, with panel FullHD, 300 Hz and simple playback from USB technology out for 379 euros.
  • If the Beats sound like, a model that is now very well price is the Beats by Dr. Dre Pro which is 252 euros at Amazon.
  • The full Garmin Forerunner 910XT, an authentic sports watch without interference of any kind, in the Fnac leaves us with a 20% discount their regular price, i.e. that is at 359 euros.
  • Steam summer offerings are finished but we do not forget the end quotes is week. This time it’s up to a game like tropic 5 which is reduced 75% at 11 euros.
  • Xiaomi Mi3 with 5-inch screen, 16 GB internal memory and Snapdragon 800 you can get in this offer for 233 euros
  • Now that it is fashion that become productive with a tablet, the wireless keyboard of Logitech, one of the brands of reference of the segment, is at Amazon the Keys-to-Go model 53 euros.
  • The recent Nikon D5300 with objective 18-140 mm VR is offer and leaves the pack of Fnac, with cover and gift for 782 euros SD memory card.
  • One of bargains and limited editions: the PS4 console 500 GB Edition Batman with the latest game that is proving to be a marvel, for 399 euros in the English Court. If you opt for the same pack but without custom console, at Amazon the same combination exit 394 euros and 379 in Rakuten.
  • Recurrent bidding in our bargain hunting: cards of Samsung memory, a guarantee of quality and performance. In this case we recommend the 64 GB model which remains at 27 euros.
  • If you are looking for a good diagonal, 15.6 laptop inch and have no power problems, takes note of the specifications of Lenovo Z50-70: 1 TB drive hard, 16 GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GeForce graphics 840 M with 4 GB. How much do you think it’s worth? Now, as ganga, it is for 799 euros in Amazon both Mediamark.
  • Today we music, so sure that these Sennheiser HD 598 who are for 139 euros at Amazon are irresistible if you were looking for some.
  • I am a true lover of products Bodum, with quality and design, and if we add the fondness for coffee, I can’t that ask you that if you’re with me, you buy the grinder of the brand is now very depressed and leaving 84 euros.
  • A kettle is not the gadget that you expect to want to forward, but if it is more than half price is a good opportunity to get one. Amazon comes at its sales by 36 EUR.

We remind you that you can take a look at previous hunting bargains to see if you can catch any still existing offerings. I said no? As the comments, as always, open so you can add the bargains that you find beyond the seas of the Internet. And if you want more, in seven days we will return. Good weekend all!

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