The Apple Watch made me again to the regular clock makers. However, the allure of the new is gone a little. Apple at its Smartwatch must improve in these ten points.

Seven months after the announcement it finally happened: the Apple Watch came on 24 April 2015 in the trade. My expectations were high. So big, that I wanted to wait a day, ignored my pre order and stood for an Apple product in a snake. Today, my euphoria is somewhat curbed. Also if I every day – and night – wear the clock, I’m sure: Apple must improve. And fast.

At first but the positive characteristics: the Apple Watch is a great piece of technology and – for my Designgeschmack – a successful watch. She brought me back to regularly to wear a wristwatch. But is convenient to be able to read without having to fumble your phone out of the Pocket time and date with a quick hand movement. There are actually the “classic” and further developed digital clock features that make the Apple Watch for me so special to 50 percent. An example is the wake-up call by vibration instead of beep.

30 percent make up the notifications. So far so that almost any vibration (or phantom vibrations) led me my iPhone out of your pocket to dig, it was a quick glance at the Apple Watch is enough now. Because the releases for each app adjust, I get only the most important notifications on your wrist. If the Apple Watch does not vibrate, it may be not so urgent. Keep calm and carry on! Her role as a filter great meets Apple’s wristwatch.

To approximately ten percent of the Apple Watch worth due to their fitness functions. However: On the heartbeat they deliver even apps like Nike + or Runtastic. A real added value, such as a training heart rate optimized? Error display. Currently the activity monitor seems useless for me: the Apple Watch reminded me to get up, when I am already in the kitchen or congratulated me for 60 minutes of physical activity, even though the biggest effort of the day was the brushing.

The remaining ten percent of my enthusiasm is spread over a few apps that have recognized the watch as a meaningful extension of the iPhone.

It is basically Apple something successful, no longer make the traditional watchmaking with me. Keep the watch but also wearable for me, Apple must be set. On September 9, Apple news wants to introduce of here is my wish list for the Apple Watch:

  1. speed

The Apple Watch is currently too slow in the operation of apps. This is less about the computing power (corresponds to a iPhone 4S) as on the outsourcing of all app features on the iPhone. Currently not natively run apps on the Apple Watch, the watch is only second screen for your smartphone that takes care of the calculations and the loading of apps.

Prognosis: Apple throws the bottle neck with watchOS 2.0 and native applications.

  1. operation

Yes, a challenge is to create a menu structure that works on a screen measuring less than four centimeters in the diagonal. Too often apps and menu items do not respond but or a wrong app opens. Even such innovative functions such as the digital Crown only slightly compensate for this shortcoming.

Forecast: This problem can be only solved with better hardware – so a new model and an improved operating concept. We have to be a patient probably to watchOS 3.0.

  1. Siri

Speech recognition Siri is not arrived yet on the Apple Watch. Lucky thing is whether the Apple Watch responds to “Hey Siri”. Because Siri also insists to receive also the command to run, immediately after the activation call you dictated either into space or the Apple Watch calls for pressing the microphone button. So much for the theme “hands free”. Siri does not recognize the spoken word is back on Los – corrections by pressing a key are not possible. The request works out the probability is great that Siri refers to the iPhone, for example, on the question of which song is currently humming from speakers.

Forecast: Siri is still not perfect and ensures problems on the iPhone. It needs to develop. The activation of commands like “Hey Siri” can improve Apple certainly in the short term. It is questionable whether this already with watchOS 2.0 will be the case.

  1. Schlaftracking

Record the quality of sleep, as competing products do this, is not yet possible. Even if the battery is over the night, allowed Apple not have access to the sensors of the apps required – probably from therefore, because the battery life is also suffers.

Forecast: with watchOS 2.0 will get apps access to features such as Taptic engine, digital Crown, sensors for acceleration and heart rate, speakers and microphone. Technically, then, developers have the opportunity to develop Schlaftracker. It is questionable how their use affects the battery life. iPhone apps such as sleep cycle consist of exactly this reason on a connected charger.

  1. battery life

Speaking of battery life: officially a day off the record just two days. While this is average, E-paper-based competitors such as the Pebble run off but the rank the Apple Watch with up to ten days.

Prognosis: Software updates Apple can optimize little. A new model only allows great leaps with alternative additional loading techniques, such as solar panels or a piezoelectric energy collector, a kind of Dynamo in mini format.

6 water resistance

Sold the Apple Watch as sports Edition, water sports are not Apple but the sports supported by Cupertino. The reason: The Apple Watch is only “proof” against sweat and splash water. A first app for swimmers was tested while as well as dives in practice. Officially this usage leads to a loss of warranty.

Forecast: the next model Apple can no longer afford to exclude applications such as swimming. A waterproof Apple Watch is only a matter of time.

  1. own dials

With the existing nine dials, their colors and the complications you can already now customize the clock. Nevertheless, Apple dictates the look. Innovative alternatives by third parties? Error display.

Forecast: watchOS 2.0 receives new dials with video backgrounds from various major cities, as well as photo wallpapers. As Berlin or Hamburg to but not necessarily reflected in Hong Kong, London, New York, Shanghai, or any Lake in the United States. Maybe Cupertino delivers watchOS to 3.0 next year. An interface for complications allows at least a more informative dial.

8 better news

Digital touch is no longer as the first attempt to directly through the Apple Watch with others to communicate. But the function not really goes beyond the delivery of drawings. For meaningful news features, like sending a photo or the place of stay, I must whip – again – out of the iPhone.

Forecast: Probably Apple improvements – will want to sell for example scribbles in color – as a particular innovation, but truly great innovations are not to expect in the near future. Again, we can only