Geeksme plans to bring a Smartwatch into the market, which could differ on one point of other watches. It should track the love life of the user, store, and even judge.

A new Smartwatch is promoted on the Web site of the Spanish company Geeksme. At first glance, the design is striking, because who look exactly, recognizes that the two drawings of the Smartwatch on the site of the spring the Samsung spring from designer. The two sketches of the Smartwatch can be found again in a patent of the Samsung Smartwatches and depict probably not exactly the planned Geeksme Smartwatch. The usual features such as alarm clock, number of steps, calories, distance and sleep monitoring should be on board and can be shown on the round OLED display.

But, a contrast to other Smartwatches can be made with the help of a somewhat unusual. The collected data regarding the health to give information about the love life of the user and assess to what extent this is “perfect and healthy”. The clock do recognize when the user starts the game of love, how many calories were consumed and how often it comes to the point here, also to detect different positions about the GPS Tracker. Extent to which the ideas of the company are actually implemented remains to be seen. Implementation of innovative ideas, who himself does not bother and customize your own 3D sketches, could run into trouble.