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By | February 9, 2022

“When God was dividing the Earth among the peoples, the Georgians were late, having lingered over the traditional feast, and by the time they arrived, the whole world had already been divided. The Lord asked the visitors what they were drinking for, the Georgians answered: “For you, God, for yourself, for the world.” The Almighty liked their answer. And he told them that although all the lands were distributed, he saved a small piece for himself, and now he is giving it to the Georgians. This land, according to the Lord, is incomparable in its beauty to anything, and forever and ever people will admire and admire it… ”
The beauty of Georgia cannot be described, one can only sing about it. This is how the Georgians themselves think and at every opportunity they sing the beauty of their land in their original polyphonic songs and dances.

Georgia is a small country in the Transcaucasus, which borders Russia in the east and north, Azerbaijan in the southeast, and Armenia and Turkey in the south.

Research by scientists showed that the first state appeared on its territory as early as the 2nd millennium BC.

Georgia was one of the first to officially adopt Christianity (approximately in 337). In world history, Georgia has always been a tasty morsel for conquerors of all stripes, from whom the Georgians had to defend themselves – thanks to this, an unimaginable number of architectural monuments and fortresses have been preserved on the territory of the country, and the strong spiritual traditions of the Georgian people allow us to look at the unique monasteries and churches, some of which have been standing since the 4th century.

Today, like hundreds of years ago, Georgia is famous for its unsurpassed hospitality, amazing cuisine and untouched nature.

It is not unimportant for tourists who are going on vacation to Georgia, in recent years, good roads have been laid throughout the country, many hotels and guesthouses have been built. You can relax in Georgia all year round – there is something to see in the programs of excursion tours, in summer you can have a great rest on the sea in Batumi, and in winter you can go on a ski tour in Gudauri or Bakuriani, wellness tours to Georgia are also gaining momentum – in a resort known since Soviet times Borjomi.

A tourist in Georgia has no nationality. He is first and foremost a guest. That’s right, with a capital letter. The guest, according to the Georgians, was sent to them by God, and spiritual values ​​for this people, perhaps, are the most important thing in life. Therefore, do not look for a catch in their sincere disposition, but simply enjoy what is happening.

No need to try to “keep up” with the Georgians during the feast – they have been training to eat and drink for many years. In Georgia, saperavi (dry red wine) and khvanchkara (naturally semi-sweet red wine) are even prescribed by doctors for children to strengthen immunity. During a serious feast in Georgia, they mostly drink white wine, as red increases blood pressure and you can’t drink much of it. And if short friendly gatherings are planned, where 1-1.5 liters per person , then Georgians can also put red on the table. And be sure to drink it with a toast that comes from the heart.

Four sites in Georgia are currently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: the historical monuments of Mtskheta, the Bagrati Temple and the Gelati Monastery near Kutaisi, as well as Upper Svaneti. Another 16 objects are among the candidates for inclusion in this list. About the power of spiritual traditions. In Georgia, a public statement in 2007 by Patriarch Ilia II that he would personally baptize every third child in a Georgian family, in whatever part of the country he was born, played a big role in increasing the birth rate. As a result, over the next five years, the birth rate in the country increased by more than 20%. Thanks to the reform carried out in Georgia, crime is now almost completely absent, local residents often do not even lock their houses and cars.



  1. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The cathedral makes an unforgettable impression on the visitor with its beauty and grandeur. The height of the temple is 100 meters from the base to the domed cross. The complex combines 12 temples, some of which are located at the base of the main cathedral. The cathedral is of great importance for every Orthodox Georgian, in this church on Saturdays services are held by the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilya II.
  2. Metekhi– This church was built in the 5th century. Like many Christian churches, this temple was literally “erased” from the face of the earth many times, but each time it was restored again.
  3. Narikala Fortress.The exact date of construction of the fortress is unknown, but during archaeological excavations, layers of fortress walls dating back to the 1st century AD were found. Even in these ancient times, there were settlements on the territory of modern Tbilisi. In the 6th century, the length of the fortress wall reached 6,000 steps, which is about 4 km. The height of the walls was 25 meters, 25 observation towers were located along the entire wall, the fortress gates were well guarded. For all these reasons, Narikala in translation means a fortress that cannot be taken. In addition, it should be noted that the capital of Georgia itself was surrounded by 2 walls, one was the Narikala fortress wall, and the second was the city wall. An impressive part of the city wall was found during restoration work in the center of Tbilisi, which dates back to the 5th-6th centuries. It was decided to leave this part of the wall in the city center,
  4. Abanotubani (district of baths). It is from this place that the history of the city of Tbilisi begins.


The history of the founding of the city is deeply rooted in the Bible, for this reason Mtskheta is called the second Jerusalem in another way. It is in this city that the chiton of Jesus Christ is kept, in which he was crucified. This is a city-museum, which is under the protection of UNESCO and belongs to the world heritage.

Here you can visit the former Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th century) as well as the famous Jvari Monastery, which rises on a mountain in front of the city. The monastery is located at the confluence of the mouths of the two rivers Aragvi and Kura.

Where, merging, they make noise,
Embracing like two sisters,
Jets of Aragva and Kura,
There was a monastery.

From a height of 800 meters above sea level, a fabulous view of the city of Mtskheta and the mountains opens, which for centuries have been the main protective wall of this paradise on earth.
It is worth noting that the Jvari Monastery (6-7th century), which means “cross” in translation, was not restored and retained its original appearance.


A tour to Batumi will fill you with a lot of positive emotions and make you fall in love with every street of this sunny Paradise. You can get acquainted with the main sights of the city of Batumi, its history, architecture, feel the whole flavor of Adjara. You can stroll through the old part of the city, where the spirit of past centuries reigns. The old city keeps the traditions of ancient Georgia, it is distinguished by its architectural diversity, here you will find buildings decorated with chimeras, mermaids and many mythical creatures.

In addition to the old part of the city, you can get acquainted with the modern architecture of the city of Batumi. The modern architecture of the city is very avant-garde, interesting and impressionable. You can visit the new boulevard, the famous fountain with chacha, the Alphabetical spiral tower, the statue of love, the statue of Medea – the legend of the Argonauts. Pay special attention to the Chritian temples of Batumi – the Church of St. Nicholas and St. Barbara, the Cathedral of Adjara. And don’t forget to visit Piazza, the European highlight of the city.


Kobuleti is a resort 25 km from Batumi with a unique microclimate. The beaches of the resort are fully prepared for a quality and civilized holiday: locker rooms, showers and sun loungers are organized. A distinctive feature of Kobuleti is the Seaside Park, which has many attractions, restaurants and cafes.


Anaklia is a new tourist destination on the Georgian Black Sea coast. Due to the lack of a port here, rest here is considered environmentally friendly, and comfortable hotels make it just perfect.


Acquaintance with Georgian cuisine: delicious Adjarian khachapuri, chicken tabaka, khinkali, kharcho, mzhaveuli, kuchmachi, tkemali sauce and drinks: red wines – Khvanchkara, Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, and white wines: Tsinandali, Tvishi, Rkatsiteli, and, of course, chacha.

Georgia General Information