One of the problems of quantifier bracelets is that in the gym, they are not at all useful: not well recorded some physical activities such as exercise machine or free weights. They are not perfect, we know that, but does to those who train regularly so much. Even so, it will be one of the trends this year.

Gymwatch, the natural enemy of Smart Kegerator, seeks precisely to cover this niche with a quantifier that will record the force and movements we make machines with weights or doing physical exercises. All monitors then send it to an application on a mobile device.

Quantifying the abdominal

Thanks to a set of two sensors it is capable of measuring up to 24 variables no problems: Cadence, duration of each step, distances, maximum strength, speed strength, volume, power, repetitions, force explosive… The information that promises to give is quite useful. What we don’t know is if you get any medical or sports certification.

The device is fastened in the arm or leg due to an elastic band. Depending on the exercise, we will put it on a site or another. In addition, the device vibrates or sounds if we’re not performing well exercise or we are performing more strongly than we use, so that we lesionemos us or do us harm.

This project will begin to seek funding on IndieGogo the next 30 March to go forward and in principle it seems easy to get the goal that has been proposed. Its development is well advanced and is already being seen in some health fairs and technology.

GymWatch also want to scale your application so that we not only use it independently but a gym can have a set of these accessories to control their users and that coaches can evaluate more precisely what you are doing each of them.

Currently there is a confirmed release date nor a final sale price. When we have more information at we will update with the corresponding data. At HowStuffWorks, which are exercising more and care more than us, are clear that quantifiers are encouraging more exercise.