As a HTCspeaker should have now confirmed to VentureBeat, the Taiwanese company to introduce the first own wearable already at CES, being held in January in Las Vegas, intends. This it should not be however a Smartwatch, so that HTC would most likely go into the industry of fitness wristbands.

Market launch in the course of the year

According to the spokesman the device will be presented while at CES, a launch could be expected only in the course of the year. The device should settle for his thoughtful and helpful medical functions from the competition, what will become possible due to the cooperation with experienced manufacturers in the fitness industry.

In addition to the expected first Fitnesstracker of the Taiwanese company, also a Smartwatch for the October 2015 is planned. These would have will be a guest’s already end of 2014 on the market according to the original plans of HTC, due to the lack of maturity of the product launch has been postponed but to a whole year.

Big competition

We are curious to see whether the two HTC wearables can prevail against the ever-growing competition. Many Smartwatch Neuheitern be expected especially in spring 2015: the Apple Watch over the LG G watch R 2 up to the Moto 360 of 2nd generation, we expect many interesting innovations in the still young industry.