No HTC Smartwatch at MWC 2015: The CEO of the company from Taiwan, Peter Chou, expressed in the framework of the MWC to the plans for a Smartwatch. Therefore, they will not appear in the near future – the project is not dead but still.
According to CNET, Chou was keen to divulge too many details for the HTC Smartwatch. “We try to be very careful, rather than to get anything out,” he said according to this. “That’s why we continue to work.” Apparently want to HTC actually rather carefully develop his first Smartwatch — and could make then unique. As shown in the wide range of new releases in this market segment, it’s certainly not a bad idea to withdraw from the competition with a new product.
Wearable – but no Smartwatch
Instead HTC has used the MWC, to imagine with the his new flagship SmartphoneHTC one M9. And with the HTC re grip also a wearable doing that is “only” a fitness Tracker has the company in Barcelona.
To the mysterious HTC Smartwatch there are rumors for a long time: the speech was first of it nearly a year ago. At that time it was called the Smartwatch will be presenting at the MWC in 2014. The release was moved first to the fourth quarter before HTC America Chief Jason Mackenzie issued in October “Beginning 2015” as anew target.
The recent rumors said that the Smartwatch is code named Petra, should – have its own operating system, and on the MWC 2015 is presented to the public. It is how much time until the actual release nor passes – and whether or not then the waitwas worth it show itself.