When Huawei one could apparently no longer wait until the MWC next week, because now, it was announced that the company will bring an LTE smart band next year at the start.

Before recently we reported already about the Chinese manufacturer Huawei and the plans to develop a LTE-Smartwatch. We suspected that it must be a standalone Smartwatch so a wearable, that can be operated without a Smartphone. If the rumors are true, this should be presented at the Mobile World Congress.

Now there are new details about this topic, because it was the first 4,5G in London yesterday so before LTE-M, smart band in the world. You could to transfer data at 1 GB per second, will be able questionable where, how mobile operators are ready to expose the LTE in the great styles. More details are expected to be clarified at MWC, in advance we know but now that Huawei makes it the rumors and will be next year with the date first LTE Smartwatch at the start.