Huawei, one of the manufacturers of more powerful mobile devices on the market today, entered the world of 2015 smart watches with Huawei Watch. This watch gambled on the style, the design classic and somewhat luxury. Today, Huawei has presented the Huawei Watch 2, a renewal of their way of seeing the smart watch, a renewal that commitment more physical activity than by fashion.

In addition to a renewed design, the Huawei Watch 2 comes with own cellular connection and built-in GPS. Two features, will consume much battery but is offset with the 420 mAh carrying inside.

A design intended for athletes, not for those who go with suit and tie

Just as it did Apple with Apple Watch Series 2, Huawei Watch 2 takes a turn toward physical activity. The fashion market is not as easy to win as the devices for athletes, that’s that are abandoned belts of leather and breaded Golden to make way for silicone belts black and orange.

But it is not just a matter of designed, the Huawei Watch 2 is designed so that when you leave to do sport forget to pick up the phone with you. Thanks to its nano-SIM card slot You can provide it with cellular connection and receive notifications, calls and messages directly on the clock while it is connected to the phone.

Huawei Watch 2 comes with chip NFC for Android Pay, In addition to a sensor that will be continuously analyzing your beats. These measures will go direct to Huawei Fit, a training program that will help you improve gradually. Huawei Fit charged last year with the Huawei bracelet.

On the other hand, Huawei Watch 2 comes with built-in GPS. What does it mean? Missing once again, does not have the mobile close to record the activity you do and have a detailed route of this. The GPS chip in addition to know exactly where you stand allows you to have accurate information of the route to follow. In short, Huawei Watch 2 is much more independent, and this is a basic feature for many people who are so much to do with a smart watch.

420 mAh battery to make load it every two or three days

We are used to load the smartphone every night but it seems that we resist having to load the smartwatch every day also. Apple, Samsung or LG watches already have almost two days, but the Huawei promises directly to two or three days of autonomy, even if you don’t give an intensive.

The 420 mAh bringing Huawei Watch 2 may seem outrageous, but they will be necessary When you use the built-in GPS and that own cellular connection. Control music or receive notifications will surely not to drain both l battery, but when we are talking about connections that non-Bluetooth…

Android Wear 2.0 to make it a little more intelligent

Google introduced Android Wear 2.0 earlier this month along with the new LG Watch Sport and Style, but we knew that they would not be the only watches to have this new version. The new Huawei Watch 2 comes with Android 2.0 Wear and all its innovations in terms of navigation, personalization, and Google Assistant.

The spheres are more customizable than before, and can add the information that you are interested in so that at a glance you are aware of all that you care at that time. On the other hand, thanks to apps developed directly for Android Wear 2.0 and the cellular connection, you can make use of the clock without having the phone close. And Yes, Google Assistant is Huawei Watch 2, so you you can ask and ask whatever you want.

Huawei Watch 2, availability and prices

The Huawei 2 Watch now It will be launched in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and China in March. His starting price is 329 euros and will vary slightly depending on the model. For the second batch of releases expected to reach United States, United Kingdom, Japan and other European countries.