It was likely that some manufacturer launched the MWC 2015 smart watches, and we already have a first confirmed product. It is of the Huawei Watch, which have released two official videos on YouTube after the discovery a few hours of an advertisement appearing in the El Prat Airport.

The bet of Huawei certainly encouraged a market in which the design seems increasingly more polished: in the case of Huawei Watch we have a round stainless steel case that oozes elegance also in the bracelet–in addition to the leather there are at least two steel classic and elegant – and reminiscent in some ways to the bike 360.

Unlike the clock of Motorola, Huawei product not have that small “cut” in the lower part, which makes the entire screen – 42 mm in diameter, according to them the most compact of the current designs, which could attract the female audience – take advantage to show details. According to one of the videos the device has in a Sapphire Crystal to protect the screen, and abroad find the Crown which acts as Start button.

The smart watch from this manufacturer will be available in Silver, gold and black colors, and the company has also shown a variety of belts – it is not clear if they are universal or not, we will confirm what you as soon as we can-. To that must be added to the design of various “faces” to make the appearance of the clock also very elegant in this aspect, taking advantage of customization capability of Android Wear in this sense.

Have not revealed yet specifications, price or date and regions that will be available to this device, but during the video is clear that Huawei Watch counts with a heart rate sensor and the ability to monitor our physical activity In addition to a microphone to be able to interact with Google Now. No doubt an interesting entry in a market which is encouraging more and more and that surely we will hear much talk in the next few days.