In October the + was pulse Smartwatch by the rapper, the founder of the brand, officially presented. A little later were the colleagues of for the first time the Smartwatch test, but had no good hair on her. Now a limited launch in the United States is looming, first apparently be realised in the form of a beta programme.

Only in the United States

Interested Americans can itself seems to immediately enter on the Official website of the pulse the watch at a price of 399, to do so to be elected, $ to test. In a short letter must be drawn up, explains on how you will use the pulse and can contribute to its improvement.

Because + now only run a beta program, most likely some time is time to elapse until the start of the market, in Germany even more than in the United States. It remains to be seen whether the clock can enforce then even against the growing number of competitors. The Apple Watch as well as the Moto 360 of 2nd generation are expected in the spring.

New version already in work to work also already according to the current report on a new, improved version of the watch is characterized among other things by a lower thickness. This should be released in February or March. It is questionable whether the first version manages the clock then still on the mass market. Maybe apply the findings from the public beta testing for the second version of the watch.

Should you actually be interested in the smart watch, you can shorten you the wait time before the sales start with the below embedded Vimeo video, which shows the different functions of the watch.