Image Problem: Withings CEO Not Called Smartwatches Wearables

Cedric Hutchings, Withings wearable company’s CEO gave a statement on the current wearable market off and referred to Smartwatches this is by no means as wearables currently. This is because among other things the bad image, which have Smartwatches due to the low battery life on the wearable market.

The Withings CEO continues a wristwatch on the own Withings Activité, providing an exceptionally long Akkulautzeit up to 8 months. The company combines the classic watch design and high-tech sensors at his product, as they are built in a fitness Tracker.

Hutchings still stresses that wearables in eyes of his company constantly on the wrist are worn and must not ever be removed for charging. Here it enters Moto 360 competing models such as the, which lasts for just once a day. Primarily the company according to CEO not to “Smartwatches”, but on “Smarter Watches” focuses, to put it in his words.

As he speaks during his opinion on the fact that ordinary wristwatches in the pattern of the devices, which must be loaded every day – here wanted to join the company with its first model. More generations will follow and also here the company will evolve.