2014 was the year of the wearables, especially the Smartwatches got much attention. Among other things, this year has entered to the electronics manufacturer Apple in Cupertino in also this area. Especially the Smartwatches by Samsung, Motorola were heavily represented in addition to the Apple Watch.

Apple has its Apple Watch announced in September of this year for the spring 2015, an exact date is not however so far. Onalytica has analysed published, which discussion on Twitter about the wearable market statistics. In doing so, takes the graphics large manufacturers target and reflects the occurrence of those in social networks.

The list shows the Apple Watch, followed by the Moto 360 and the Samsung gear 2. One of the reasons for the increased attractiveness should be on the little information that Apple has revealed. The idea of Apple Watch manufacturer from Cupertino has covered himself very held. In addition the Smartwatch is still kept concealed. Customers can be not even a picture of the clock, so finding out she is growing more and more.

So far was also great criticism of the Apple Watch, because the model is not yet available. Up on the battery life, the Apple currently on a day estimates, there is little information about the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch before the start of the mark is on everyone’s lips.

The Apple Watch will be available in 2 versions, including 2 different sizes and materials, early 2015.

The Smartwatch will there be in 3 different versions, “Apple Watch”, “Apple Watch sports”, “Apple Watch Edition”.

The Watch has an integrated heart rate sensor and a GPS receiver, thus it should be possible to be able to change his diet and helpful for the take off as can be read from his diet and exercise throughout the day thanks to the Apple since iOS 8 supplied app “Health”.