Indonesia Tourist Guide

Indonesia Tourist Guide

Capital: Jakarta city.

Area: 1910.9 thousand km².

Official language: Indonesian.

Religion: Unlike all of Indonesia, where the predominant religion is Islam, 90% of the inhabitants of Bali are Hindus. However, the local religion is unlike any other religion in the world – it is a kind of fusion of Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient primitive beliefs. Such a union of faiths created the richest sensual culture of the local population. The island is famous for its unique woodcarving, batik painting, spectacular traditional costume dances, national music and mystical temples of unique beauty. All this is part of an endless sequence of rituals and religious beliefs that influence the way and meaning of life of the Balinese.

State system: According to A2ZGOV, Indonesia is a presidential republic.

Time difference with Moscow: about. Sumatra, oh Java, West and Central Kalimantan +5 hours; Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Lomblin, Sulawesi, South and East Kalimantan +5 hours; New Guinea + 6 hours.

Monetary unit: Indonesian rupiah.

Visa Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan do not need a visa to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days, provided that entry will be made through the following airports and ports: o. Bali, Jakarta, about. Java, Surabaya, Medan, about. Sumatra, o.Bintan.

Mandatory requirement: the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia, the presence of a blank page for gluing a visa, they may also be asked to present an air ticket for departure from Indonesia.

Citizens of the following countries need to apply for a visa to Indonesia in advance: Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan.

For citizens of the following countries, visa-free entry for a stay of no more than 30 days: Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong (special administrative zone – SAR) Darussalam, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Chile.

Citizens of the following countries receive a visa upon arrival for a stay of no more than 30 days: USA, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, India, Spain, Canada, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Maldives, Norway, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea, South Africa, Japan, South Korea.

National holidays

  • January 1 New Year
  • movable date in October-February – Muslim New Year (beginning of the new Hijri year) 22
  • movable date between January 21st and February 21st – Chinese New Year
  • movable date in March-April – Good Friday (according to the Catholic calendar)
  • movable date in the second half of March – Nyepi (Hindu New Year)
  • movable date in spring-summer – Maulid (birthday of Prophet Mohammed)
  • movable date in May-June – Ascension (the next day a shortened working day)
  • movable date in April-June – Vesak (date of birth, enlightenment and departure to nirvana of Buddha Gautama)
  • August 17 Independence Day (1945)
  • movable date in summer – Ascension of Prophet Mohammed
  • moving date at the end of October-beginning of November – Lebaran, or Idul Fitru (Eid al-Fitr), the feast of breaking the fast, completing the fasting month of Ramadan; celebrated 7 days)
  • December 25 Christmas (the day before – part-time)
  • moving date between the end of December and the beginning of February – Eidul Adha (Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Adha, celebrated for 2 days)

Tipping Tipping in Bali is optional. In hotels, tips are already included in the bill. Elsewhere, the tip is 5,000-10,000 rupees.

Taxi There are many taxi companies in Bali. Distinctive features of a taxi are the “TAXI” sign installed on the roof and the presence of a meter in the car. Drivers are generally disciplined and turn on the meter immediately upon boarding. If this does not happen, ask the driver to turn on the meter: “meter, pliz” (Meter, please). Payment is made by the meter, it is customary for the driver to leave a tip of 1,000 rupees. Taxi can be stopped right on the street, or you can ask to call you a car in a hotel or cafe. Please note that when calling a city taxi from a hotel, you need to say: “Taxi meter” (Taxi with meter – a taxi with a meter). Otherwise, they may call a car belonging to the hotel, which will cost a little more. The most reliable taxis in Bali are blue and golden.

Car rental Driving a car in Bali is difficult. Although the speed limit in Bali is low, the streets are very narrow and traffic is extremely chaotic. The rules of the road are somewhat different from those adopted in Europe. For example, at some intersections it is allowed to make a near turn on a red traffic light. Unfortunately, Bali does not have a detailed road map and very few road signs, so driving a car on the island is not as pleasant as in Europe. A car with a driver will cost you about $55 per day. A personal driver will save your time and nerves. For more information, please contact your guide.

Shopping In Bali, it is customary to bargain. If you liked something in a small Balinese shop or shop, and you asked how much it costs, feel free to divide the price named by the seller by three or even four and start haggling. Not traded in large supermarkets and shopping malls. One of the biggest malls in Kuta is Discovery Shopping Mall, Kuta. There is a supermarket “Hardy’s” (Hardy’s, Sanur) in Sanur. Large selection of fruits in the supermarket “Pepito” (Pepito, Tuban) near the airport.

Souvenirs Souvenirs can be bought at various tourist spots in Bali. A large selection is in Kuta, in the supermarket in the Bali Collection complex in the souvenir market near the Tanah Lot Sea Temple,. It is better to buy expensive wood products in art salons, where the wood is pre-dried so that the product does not crack during a sharp change in climate.

Indonesia Tourist Guide