Oscar health insurance is on the way to revolutionize the insurance business. A premium is paid for the attainment of certain goals. The whole thing is monitored with the Smartwatch.

In terms of insurance, there are usually no exciting news for the average Joe. This could be a startup from the United States now but very soon change, because trying to put there on the increasingly growing segment of the Smartwatch. The idea rewards those customers who attach importance to health and fitness, because the insurer distributes Smartwatches its customers and paid a dollar reward on the day if certain targets are met. The bonuses at 240 dollars per year, or $20 a month are limited.

So far, there is the concept only in the United States, specifically in New York and New Jersey. In Germany there are also already similar concepts, but mostly we collect in Germany traditionally have collectors and carry bonus books. We are generally always a little cautious Germans when large amounts of data and personal data, although it is possible that similar concepts and ideas coming to Germany to work, to make the relatively dry insurance for younger customers more attractive.


How Wearing a Fitness Tracker Can Lower Your Insurance

How Wearing a Fitness Tracker Can Lower Your Insurance

Source: www.tomsguide.com