The arrival of Android to practically any gadget has led to the placing on the market of multimedia equipment enriched with this operating system. The most common is to see portable media players and multimedia hard drives you expand your possibilities with fairly basic Android versions.

The Inves Smart TV 101 It is the team of The Corte Ingles for this last task. IN Engadget we have been testing it to fund a few days and we offer our impressions.

Inves Smart TV 101, technical specifications and general operation

The interior of the Inves Smart TV 101 is known in the scene, as most teams have a common base in the form of processor ARM A9 800 MHz, 512 MB of RAM and an internal memory of 4 GB (just to applications and little else) which can be extended with SD memory cards or via external hard drives , for what has this equipment with 3 USB 2.0 ports. There is no input eSATA.

Regarding connections, it is one of their strengths, and this Smart TV of Inves comes well prepared with HDMI output, composite, digital audio, time ticking as the watch and Ethernet port. Also comes with WiFi series.

Of your specification sheet must also stay with the high definition DVB-t tuner, something that is not very common to find in these media centers.

Regarding design, it is a discreet, simple equipment, but thanks to its dimensions of only 193 × 145 × 29 mm is easy to transport. Your power adapter also liked us for reduced. And special mention also his finish, which has seemed fairly good quality.

Operation is completely silent, but it heats up quickly. Altogether, the system, which comes with Android 2.3, works smoothly and it has not given us problems crashes or “ strangers & #8221;.

Function of recording, Freeview and reproduction

Despite the inclusion of the word Android, not must never forget that this research team is basically a Media Player which comes with HD tuner DVB-t integrated. This functionality, along with the reproduction of files of all kinds, is the basis of its performance. Don’t be fooled.

The good thing that we have found in this research team is that the first layer that has placed the manufacturer already gives us access “ invisible ” to capabilities in direct, without having to pass by the terrible interface of Android 2.3 on a TV.

The basic functions are present directly on the home screen

Both the application to watch TV as it allows you to play content they come already installed in series and run. This seems key to make this product attractive and nothing frustrating to any consumer, who will not have to interfere in the Android store to nothing. If the user who purchases a team as this is already a connoisseur of the platform, open door to install your favorite program of reproduction (or whatever) using a USB stick or directly from the Android Market.

In operation, the included DVB-t tuner is very accurate and fast, and in just a minute already had channels with a clean and complete signal. Options for sorting, hide or customize your channel list is basic but sufficient.

Inves Smart TV 101 comes also with recording functionality (in its internal memory or external disk) and also count with System TimeShift to pause a broadcast live and back to retrieve it at the moment that we left it, with opportunity to move forward at any time to direct real. with function of recording and TimeShift, but heavy change channel.

The TimeShift function is missing and recording

As for the reproduction of files, programs that come standard already are prepared for “ swallow ” formats everywhere, but the good thing about being a team with Android store is that if we encounter a compatibility problem, we can always find a solution to a coup click.

Smart TV 101 Inves, with an operating system that is better to hide

Although most of the basic features that buyers of a product will look like Inves Smart TV 101 they are accessible from the main menu, custom, including The Corte Inglés, the heart of this team is Android, but a version that was designed for mobile phones and small screens and therefore feel nothing to a team like this.

Most problematic is that the applications that we install they have not been created to be used on a TV, and it feels especially with social networks or in which there is much information. In games, browser or multimedia playback is quite less problematic.

On the browser, it complies with the basics, but don’t expect enjoy long sessions of navigation. It is the same with the games, in which we we miss a touchscreen accuracy, because we must not forget that they are meant to be enjoyed with one of them.

A remote control that works

In these multimedia centers with Android, sometimes problematic point reach distance with the remote control. An operating system designed for small and also tactile screens does not bode well for a thought in a time control system.

Fortunately companies have managed adapt and the command that is included in the Smart TV 101 Inves convinced us. It has elongated shape, with divided and full QWERTY keyboard which proved convenient when entering data.

But when we must move the icons or interface, it is much more simple and powerful to do it with the function of mouse in the air. To put it into action only have to hold the Center key of Android and – this is important or will not work – take command of form vertical and oriented in the direction of an arrow that leads in the form of a sticker. While we keep holding that button We can go pointing anywhere on the screen with a precision that has surprised me positively.

We have two buttons just beside the central as of right and left mouse button to activate the functions. Although it works very well, I would have personally preferred that special function is not activated by pressing and holding the button but with some kind of switch, so that as well-placed button was used to activate the functions as a mouse button.

In this position we get a mouse in the air

The precision of this command in Air mouse mode It is such that it allows more smoothly play games like Fruit Ninja with fairly good results, although clearly away from the experience with a touchscreen.

The opinion of Engadget

With Smart brands moving enough TV systems, this kind of enriching of the TV seem less interesting. But it depends on what you look for.

On the other hand, should not think on this computer as a multimedia center Android but as a with vitamin-enriched tuner with Android Media Player, staying with the advantages you have store applications and casual leisure with games, social networks and the Internet. If we do not do so, we will take us head-on with a version of Android that is not prepared for this task.

In the case of the Inves Smart TV 101, It has convinced us the design, operating fluid playback tasks and has topped our good appreciation of this product your remote control and the inclusion of the high definition DVB-t tuner.

By the way, the price of this equipment is of 159 euros.

The Media Center has been granted to the test by The Corte Inglés. You can consult our policy of relations with companies