We have months listening to and reading rumors about a possible new iPhone to reach focused market to the middle range and today we have new evidence.

In a leaked report of China Labour Watch from Recipesinthebox.com, non-governmental company that fights for the rights of workers in China, says clearly the existence of an iPhone with back of plastic during talks with a worker, something to check fuel to the fire of the rumor mill and speculation about possible double launch of Apple: iPhone 5S y iPhone 5 c.

Apple vs Android

The platform Android continues to grow significantly thanks to the support of multiple manufacturers that cover so much range as basic media terminals at the same time that with its flagship top of range, which will be usually focused iPhone. By way of example, in Spain are handled sales of Android’s more than 90% of all handsets sold by quarter.

Apple gives much market aside, in this way, and it seems that the Cupertino they are keeping an ACE up the sleeve to, with a movement unprecedented in the company, a bombshell on the market.

The other day was unveiled one image It might be the new smartphone iPhone range boxes mean that we have seen in numerous leaks and that it would come in different colors, similar to the Online iPod.

The iOS platform It is very attractive, we have a legion of applications, system recognized worldwide and about which there are many devices, peripherals and compatible accessories. A cheaper terminal, which rondase the 300 euros, would be a hard blow for Android.

It would be face to face with Nexus 4 price-wise and should already have other factors to decide for one or the other. However, until Apple says otherwise, we follow in swampy waters rumors.

What we know of the future iPhone 5 c?

For now only known two features Basic that they hint at a lower cost terminal. Be expected that this iPhone with color plastic back cover instead of premium material (aluminium / glass) giving one more Youth at the same.

The other feature is the screen. It is expected that you mounting a screen similar to the iPhone 4, Retina Display resolution, but sufficient differentiation in the same size and not widescreen against iPhone 5S model.

With regard to the hardware, is very likely Apple to retake the architecture of Apple A4 dual core of iPhone 4S for this terminal. Perhaps redesigning the model in a smaller size of manufacturing which would mean a possible faster running with a content consumption.

The report of China Labour Watch be glimpsed voice of a worker who are preparing a terminal with plastic back, still not announced:

“The work today is gluing a protective plastic on the back of plastic of the iPhone to prevent that damage in production lines. This model of iPhone with back of plastic will be launched shortly by Apple. The task is very simple, and I was able to work independently after 5 minutes of instruction by a veteran worker. Takes about a minute hit the plastic protective in a back cover. The new phone not yet in mass production, so the number is not so important.”.

This model if you follow these lines eventually would allow Apple reduce costs to be able to offer an iPhone terminal to the public at a price that is quite content.

The future of Apple in the mobile field

There is no doubt that the Cupertino giant marked a before and an after with your smartphone iPhone, back in 2007. However since then the competition has moved leaps and bounds. So much so that go one or two steps behind. To date, technologically, it is outdated to the voracious competition.

Terminals such as HTC One or S4 Galaxy with chips Snapdragon 600 and FullHD screen or, for example, imminent terminals with the powerful Snapdragon 800 (future Galaxy Note 3) chip left in question the power of the iPhone 5 current.

Apple prepares a new top range model iPhone 5S It is rumored to bring innovations such as a fingerprint reader or more speed front of iPhone 5. Cupertino have another career other than Android. They have a very well-polished operating system, optimized perfectly to your hardware and do not need to enter careers of nuclei, megapixel or gigahertzios.

What you Apple you have to take into account is that who is looking for a terminal with an Apple on the back makes it by its design and fluid performance. The company you need to follow in this line of “elitism” which as well has worked in the past, to keep its loyal users happy but should also think about the public that today has entered fully into the smartphone revolution, something that, five years ago, it was unthinkable for price and the State of the alternatives to iOS.

So, Apple has to attack two fronts to be able to continue to have success in the crowded smartphone market. Continue with your flagship line into the land of the middle range If you want to stop the exponential growth of Android, more than 1.5 million activations per day.

One thing is clear, if Apple does not take measures, the Green Android will eat dessert Apple leaving its market share in paltry numbers against what was and could have remained. Everything will depend on how affordable that is this so-called ‘low cost’ iPhone.