Kamala, Thailand

Kamala, Thailand

Thailand is a dream destination for many, both young people and families with children, precisely for its chalk-white beaches and turquoise waters. However, it is a large country where some parts of the country are more inhabited than others. If you are going to Thailand, it is also important to think about what you want to get out of the holiday and the trip, as some places are party places while other places offer a peaceful oasis surrounded by nature and animals.

In western Phuket you will find Kamala which is a small fishing village with a beach called Kamala Beach. The Kamala area has become popular with families with children precisely because it is a very quiet area, however, there are bus connections from the village that go directly to central Phuket during the day. For those looking for a party, Kamala is not directly the optimal destination in Thailand as the nightlife is very limited to some seafood restaurants and hotels.

In other words, it is the perfect destination for those looking for a quiet sun holiday with lovely beaches. In addition to Kamala Beach, there is also Patong Beach about 5 km north of Kamala for those who want a little environmental change. Patong is a good alternative for the party-goers and if you want to combine both beach life and partying, a tip is to stay in Kamala but travel to Patong if needed.

As I said, it is no surprise that Kamala is one of the most popular destinations for Swedish tourists. Although it is a popular place in Thailand, there are many who do not really know it precisely because it is often Phuket that is marketed and tipped. What makes Kamala perfect for an idyllic family holiday is not only the tranquility but also the fact that Kamala Beach is shallow, which is great for small holidaymakers. In fact, Kamala Beach is the fourth largest beach in Phuket and in addition to Swedes, you will also find many German tourists here. Just because you live in Kamala does not mean you have to stay there. From Kamala there are bus links that can take you to a variety of places and beaches such as Leam Sing Beach and Surin Beach. The two beaches are only 7 – 10 minutes from Kamala by bus.

For those who like the market, a tip is to visit the market located in the southern part of Kamala Beach. The market is open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and offers everything a market has to offer such as local food, fresh fruit, fish and meat. You can also buy clothes such as fun t-shirts and other garments.

When it comes to accommodation in Kamala, you will find a variety of options ranging from hotels to bungalow resorts. Here you can find accommodation that suits you and your taste perfectly, even though the range is smaller given the calm atmosphere that rests on Kamala. There are a lot of places to eat in Kamala and there you will find everything from finer restaurants to simpler places to eat. In the simpler eateries, it is usually Thai food that is served, while the selection is greater in the finer restaurants. If you get hungry for Swedish food during your holiday, a tip is to visit Deng restaurant which is located on Strandgatan and serves both Scandinavian and Thai food.