Landmarks of Bangkok, Thailand

By | November 16, 2022

Bangkok, the capital of the Asian country of Thailand, has no fewer than fifteen million inhabitants. This huge amount of people within the agglomeration leads to a lot of crowds, exhaust fumes and smog. It is not for nothing that you see people walking around in the street with face masks or performing their work. The chaotic traffic in Bangkok means that the travel time between the various sights can sometimes be quite long. Even the relatively manoeuvrable tuktuks regularly get stuck in traffic. For Thailand visitors, a visit to Bangkok is almost obligatory. The city has a number of highlights that you will not find elsewhere in the country, such as the temple with the reclining Buddha.

Top 10 sights of Bangkok

#1. Temples
According to Ezinereligion, Bangkok has a large number of Buddhist temples, which are called ‘Wat’ in Thailand. Because Buddhism still plays an important role among the Thai population, new temples are even built every now and then. Most temples have beautiful golden gabled roofs and are richly decorated both outside and inside. Wat Pho is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. This is the temple with the reclining Buddha and therefore also the most famous. This reclining Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in all of Thailand. Other famous temples are: Wat Phra Kaew at the royal palace, Wat Arun, Wat Saket, Wat Traimit and Wat Pathum Wanaram. There are several “temple tours” to book.

#2. Royal Palace of Bangkok
The Royal Palace of Bangkok is called ‘Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang’. The residents of this imposing palace were the former kings of Thailand from the 18th century. The palace is still used for royal rituals and ceremonies. The special construction and many golden accents make this palace a phenomenal attraction. Within the royal walls is also the temple ‘Wat Phra Kaew’.

#3. Floating Market
Bangkok had many canals called ‘Khlong’ in Thailand. Because of this, Bangkok was nicknamed “Venice of the East”. You read that right, had. More and more of these ‘Khlong’ are being filled with concrete so that people can build streets there. Often these canals were filled with crowded boats in which all kinds of colorful and fragrant products were offered. Fortunately, there are still a few of these floating markets to be found. For example, just outside Bangkok there is the ‘Amphoe Damnoen Saduak’ market that is very worthwhile.

#4. Chatuchak Market
The Chatuchak Market is said to be the largest market in Bangkok and perhaps in the world. Locally this market is also called ‘JJ’. It is therefore close to the JJ Mall. What is also very close is the public Chatuchak Park with its many bridges and a train museum. On the market thousands of stalls, you will find many local products, art, live animals, books, music and flowers. This market can be visited on Saturday and Sunday.

#5. Lumpini Park
In the years from 1920, this large city park ‘Lumphini Park’ was built on royal grounds. At that time this area belonged to one of the suburbs of Bangkok. Now the park is in the center of the business district. In the early hours of the morning there is already a lot of movement in the park. For example, people practice Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, or jog around the park. In the evening there are again activities in the form of collective aerobics classes. In the park is a statue of King Rama VI, who donated this park to the people. Bird watchers can spot more than thirty different birds in Lumphini Park. In this park you will also find an older meeting center, library, center for street children, eateries and a youth sports center.

#6. CentralWorld
Bangkok has plenty of shopping malls to offer. One of the largest is CentralWorld. CentralWorld is a huge shopping mall in Bangkok, which used to be called the ‘World Trade Centre’. You can find this mall on Rama I and Ratchadamri streets. The building has 7 floors with various shops. Cinemas can also be found in the complex.

#7. Vimanmek Palace
Vimanmek Palace is a former royal palace, which is entirely obtained from teak wood. It is located in the Dusit district, near the ‘Dusit Zoo’. Today the palace is a museum with personal photos, art and handicrafts of King Rama V. There is also a clock museum, souvenir shops, restaurant, old carriages and beautiful gardens. The palace is also known as the largest golden teakwood mansion in the world.

#8. Dream World
Dream World is an amusement park in Bangkok with different zones such as Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens, Fantasy Land and Adventure Land. The main entrance immediately reminds you of Disneyland’s Main Street. Various roller coasters, haunted houses, fairytale themes and rafting attractions adorn this cozy family park.

#9. Nightlife
Bangkok has a very varied nightlife. The Thai themselves believe that life should be fun and you can see that. Many bars, restaurants, karaoke tents, operas and various clubs make Bangkok an amusement park in terms of nightlife. You can find these bars and clubs on Sukhumvisit Street and Khao San Street. But actually every neighborhood has its own entertainment area. Prostitution is a common occurrence in Bangkok. It is completely sad to know that this mainly affects poor country girls, who are sometimes literally kidnapped to earn money in prostitution. In the entertainment streets of the Silom district, at Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy you see girls numbered and already attracting the attention of the men strolling by. Silom is also known in the gay scene. Many go-go bars can be found in the Patong district.

#10. Chinatown
The Chinatown district is a popular attraction in Bangkok. All kinds of things happen in the narrow streets of this area. Many small shops, Chinese temples, market stalls, restaurants, food stalls, medical shops and gold shops make Chinatown what it is. A unique and colorful melting pot. In Chinatown, at the end of Yaowarat Road is the ‘Wat Trimit’ temple. Here you can see the five meter high golden Buddha. Chinatown is busiest in the evening. The nightlife starts then, which also attracts many tourists.

Bangkok, Thailand