Landmarks of Pattaya, Thailand

By | November 2, 2022

This very popular resort of Thailand is located on Pattaya Bay. Often the place name Pattaya is used in one sentence with sex tourism, go go bars and other nighttime entertainment. Fortunately, that has changed a lot in the past few years. The ‘Disneyland for adults’ has made way for family fun. For example, there are a number of theme parks, a race track, a water park and a zoo. Plenty of fun for the whole family. The combination of this with wonderfully warm weather, beautiful beaches and good restaurants make this sun destination complete.

Top 10 places to visit in Pattaya

#1. Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua
When you arrive at the Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua you won’t believe what you see. This very imposing and stately structure will make your jaw drop in awe. It can best be described as a mix of the finest features of a palace and a temple. What makes it even more special is that it is entirely made of teak. The three keywords that were very consciously central during the design and construction are: religion, philosophy and art.

#2. Nong Nooch Botanical Garden
Since 1980, this estate with the most beautiful flowers and plants has been open to the public. Although the land was initially purchased to grow fruit, it was later decided to help preserve nature and plant typical Cycads. The Cycads look a bit like palms or ferns. Later some things were added to it. Now it can be called a real park. There are various shows, playgrounds and restaurants to visit.

#3. Sea
aquarium With more than 2,500 animals, this attraction can rightfully call itself a sea aquarium. With a kind of trip from the beach to the deep seabed of the world, you are taken on a journey past colorful coral, schools of fish and various predators from the ocean. The animals are regularly fed, and a few things are told.

#4. Wat Khao Phra Temple
According to Ethnicityology, South of Pattaya, this over eighteen meter Buddha statue is located on Mount Phra Bat. Many tourists but also locals visit the statue to worship it. There are also more smaller statues and a Chinese temple to visit. You also have an overwhelming view of the city of Pattaya and the sea.

#5. Walking Street
The busiest street in Pattaya is still the well-visited Walking Street. You should be here especially for the vibrant nightlife. The audience is a mix of cultures, origins, ages and orientations. The busy neon signs crackle at you here. Because this is a car-free zone for most of the day, it is mainly about watching and being watched here.

#6. Sri Racha Tiger Zoo
The zoo, which is located about thirty minutes from Pattaya, is home to a variety of animals that you can expect from a good zoo. The park with its many Bengal tigers is very spacious and neatly laid out. The shows that are performed there make quite a few tongues loose. For example, there is a lady who lets a lot of poisonous scorpions walk on her, someone who puts his head in the mouth of a crocodile and a pig race is held daily.

#7. Pattaya Elephant Village
In this created ‘rest’ place for elephants, discarded and exhausted elephants can enjoy their old age. About a hundred employees, some of whom are volunteers, ensure that the animals are fed and cared for. In addition, they organize a number of shows, tours and demonstrations. The proceeds of all this go entirely towards the food, medical bills of the animals and the staff.

#8. Thai Alangkarn Theater
Pattaya’s most colorful, imaginative and highly professional show can be seen at the Alangkarn Theater on Sukhumvit Road. The latest gadgets in the field of light and sound are frequently used during the shows. The spacious theater can accommodate at least 2,000 people. In addition, there is a very good restaurant.

#9. Mini Siam
This beautifully constructed Madurodam of Thailand is located on the edge of the highway from Sukhumvit to Rayong. From afar, the tall buildings and temples such as the Phra Kaeo temple and the Eiffel Tower are like those in Paris. In addition to the Thai miniature world, in Mini Siam you can also admire the most famous buildings and objects from Europe.

#10. Pattaya Park
This family park of Pattaya is entertainment in a broad formula. You can not only enjoy the water park with its colorful, open and closed slides and cozy beach. There is much more to do. How about a ‘tower shot’ in the Fun Park. You make a kind of ‘free’ fall. There are also roller coasters, a Galleon ship and of course a merry-go-round. In the Pattaya Tower you can dine on the 52nd to the 54th floor with the best view in Thailand.

Pattaya, Thailand