That Smartwatches not only outside have advantages of exams, everyone knows now. Cell phones are prohibited to avoid spiking attempts already for several years in the examination rooms, but the Smartwatch industry gives new possibilities the fraud.

First of all: This article is in no way a guide or suggestion to the peek with the help of smart watches. He treats only the topic!

University bans

While specimens develop new ideas, to make it easier, in decisive exams permanently so that the opposite side is busy figuring out the new techniques, and successfully to thwart. Anyone who believes anything that can be considered cheating, is a small slip of paper in the envelope of the hand wrong. That constantly with latest technology trends confronted youth knows exactly, how you use technical progress itself can make.

“Only the possession of illicit activities, in particular of technical devices with communication facilities (E.g. mobile, Smartwatch) considered to be deception attempt”, it says so in the examination regulations. Exactly what happened to a Passau students this year. He was blamed by his watch the assistance and had to immediately leave the exam. Since then, watches in the exams of the University are prohibited. Also some other Bavarian universities follow suit after the American model.


The techniques of cheating interested students from the University of Michigan. In a study, they developed an app for the Pebble Smartwatch called “ConTest”, which corresponds to the system of audience votes. The clocks of different students connect with each other. Occur multiple choice tasks in work, so it can be deployed by an administrator to a vote. All participants will receive a notification in which you select one of the choices, which they thought was right. These can be just numbered for convenience. All votes are collected, these are centrally processed and displayed in the form of a Watchfaces on the clock.

The complete work of students can be found here.