As Business Insider reported, the company new Mitra developed a Smartwatch, who wants to monitor the stress of the user and then reduce. The technique could be used in the future as well as other manufacturers.

Actually, what’s a Smartwatch? While some specialize to the user with a wearable to offer the extended Smartphone arm, other manufacturers have placed the focus on health and fitness. Of course, there’s also Smartwatches, which try to combine both areas. New Mitra, a startup in Boston, wants to now specifically look at the stress development of the users and as best as possible to reduce the stress.

For stress, there are different signs, such as an increased heart rate or perspiration. By using sensors, these indicators are identified, interpreted and remind the user then by vibrating the rest to preserve. Furthermore could similar situations that create stress, recognize the intelligent clock and indicate to the user in the connection so that these situations can be avoided even. The technology of the watch could be sold to other companies and processed in other Smartwatches as the first product of the company is the proud price of $1,500. Until it has decided, but further tests and functions can be searched and developed, which are reflected perhaps in the final product.