LG ready to attack with all sorts of artillery to the competition, or at least that is what it seems to indicate the story that appeared today in the network: the South Korean firm has registered marks G Pad, G Watch, G Glass, G Band, Hub and G G Link.

Focusing on three major, I discovered one possible LG tablet, a”smartwatch”and, who knows, the competitor of the” Google Glass. We already had evidence of the possible future occurrence of a tablet and a smartwatch, but no doubt this news from timelesstablets.com may be the confirmation.

The marks have been registered in the (KIPO) Korean Intellectual Property Office and they point to the arrival of a wide range of accessories and devices of the new Rama G LG, which replaces the old “Optimus G” branch.

SmartWatch 2 of Sony, possible main competitor G Watch

In addition to the tablet and the smart watch, check that LG a competitor of the innovators could release Google goggles in a commercial manner, the G Glass, before even that the own Google. Are all assumptions.

There are also names G Band, that could refer to a device or band designed to sports training (online Samsung), G Hub y G Link, You seem to be associated with multimedia systems, simply by those familiar names.

We assume that the next Wednesday, August 7 all our doubts in the presentation that LG has prepared New York for your LG G2, since doubt is limit only to present their next major terminal is leaked. You can also to book it is for the IFA in September.

In brief We will know more.