I have to admit that whenever the guys at LG show me anything new, they create a need that was not previously. This time I have to change from smart phone, because I felt like a dinosaur with my BB vintage (here do not understand vintage as the 1920s, but as old and outdated), seeing all these models of Optimus, but time to time. Better we will review the “The user experience in LG products”.

Already last season, after a talk by Luis, an expert in LG Smart TV, While he was returning home, he prayed that broke the TV, which was smart, nor had 3D, or anything. To have my children where came, almost make a novena, and of course, the old TV broke. Time missed us to go for Smart TV, but the problem of all these devices of last generation is you have to learn little by little, since there are so many applications, that it is important to learn them to remove the maximum performance.

The new LG Smart TV 4.0 is… awesome! With the same interface that made them winners of the EISA 2012 Award for the best smart TV of the European market, they present us with this TV, which is all a content platform. Based on a system of content cards, programs and applications you are grouping. Your personalized TV.

Movies, agreements with different TV channels that we can see our series or favorite programs on the schedule that we come best, which never is that decide the chains, things are. And the cloud. I love the cloud. A storage system the LG CLoud, that will allow us to store photos, videos… thousand things!

The magic wand of the 21st century, the Magic Control, It is this special tele knob. It is used as a pointer and is much easier to surf the Web from your TV. That effectively has access to internet.

And to the social networks, that you are so present in our lives at Philosophynearby.com that we do not think without them. The smart tv are not left behind and is accessible to Twitter y Facebook, While continuing to watch the game, F1 or Nadal. Saving as there is no missing have lit two appliances, tv is enough.

Well, maybe after telling you all the benefits of the LG Smart TV, now I with the disadvantages. As soon as fall two drops, I have the living room full of preteen squatters, who prefer to play at home, by the Dual function Play video games and 3D System. With this system, each player sees only his part of the action and is not distracted with the contrast of.

Before the LG Smart TV We were not so popular.