We know that LG and Samsung are engaged in a competition to bring to the market products with flexible and curved screens. Releases, presentations at trade fairs and launch of televisions do not stop arriving in recent months, with little difference in time between the two companies.

according to Dentistrymyth.com,Mobile devices are the field where still not have spoken with details, simply have given us dates and announcements that its factories began to create flexible screens. But nothing really interesting that allow us to imagine what kind of products will make use of the technology.

Today LG Display has wanted to be faster than Samsung, and teach your letters. The first thing we must know is that the first flexible panel in which work will be six inches in diagonal, and will be made with technology OLED, as expected.

Not only is more resistant, also more thin and light

The company has sent a release with specifications, what is known as a whitepaper on it tell us that screen will be made in plastic, rather than glass, since that allows you to play with the flexibility and make it more resistant. What seems clear is that flexibility will be used to create curved designs, not that you can fold at will, at least for the time being.

It is flexible in their manufacture, but the product will be rigid and curved.

But more resistance to emphasizing the thinness that are going to get, rather less than what you are currently making. The panel of six inches that have developed has a thickness of only 0.44 mm. In addition to the thinnest, it is also the less heavy, with 7.2 grams. Do not forget that we are talking about six inches.

Currently one of the most heavy and large parts that make up a screen is the layer of glass or similar that it occupies the area. It also implies that the rigidity of the design sheet – glued – other components, higher. New lamination technology takes into account that the components can bend and adapt to the shape of the last layer protective, it can remain Gorilla Glass, for example.

The screen is concave

Devised design is that of a concave surface, i.e. more deep in the Center as we look at the screen in a frontal way. Already we have presented the idea in televisions, but there should not touch anything, so we’ll see to see how to inflect the design on the phones touch usability.

LG Display said that the degree of curvature can be up to 700 mm. The screen will create double curvature that a Samsung Galaxy Nexus has, you can get an idea with the following image that has shared the Verge:

LG Display has not shared details of typical, like resolution, brightness, and contrast specifications. It seems that this is not now the important and they will be at a good level as it has been seen in prototypes in different fairs.

The production of this panel in large quantities opens a new era of products that can take advantage of – we don’t know how much – flexibility, and according to LG is a gateway to other markets such as automotive, or devices to take over jobs, did someone say watches ?

According to IHS Display Bank, and LG Display shares, estimates that handle on the flexible screens speak of a market of $ 1,500 million in 2016.?