The result of a year of work between designer Damjan Stankovic and producer Marko Pavlovic finally can be enjoyed. Under the name of Rhei, the electromechanical clock uses a ferrofluid to make “time flow”.

Rhei Ferrofluid Clock

“There is a middle ground between analog technology and the digital sphere where the rules of mechanics and the laws of nature combine to create a ‘liquid illusion remaining’ with contemporary design,” explain the project’s idealizers, who define the prototype as a “A dynamic installation, an animated sculpture or an idea expressed in a minimalist way”.

In short, Rhei is an electromechanical clock with a liquid display whose hours are displayed from the interaction between a series of magnets. The proposal is very similar to Ferrolic, another device dedicated to the monitoring of the time that invests in the differentiated use of ferrofluido.

Little information about Rhei has been made available to date. But the operation of the hands can be understood in a relatively simple way: as already explained by TecMundo , the liquid structures are created when the fluid approaches magnetic fields – in contact with the oil, which does not interact with magnets, the ferrous material Generates effects of the most varied and impressive types.