Table clock with 14 days of gear

The Model NT 9 by Matthias Naeschke is a 14 day running table clock, the optical highlight of which is the elaborate dial made in numerous steps.

The table clock has a matt-blasted and gilded base sheet. This is surrounded by a polished edge composed of four individual segments. Hand engravings in the form of a diamond with flower engraving in the respective crossing points, the light breaks down again and again, depending on the angle of view, and gives the sheet such depth. The Dials for date and time display are in their center each by hand with a ray pattern Guilloche and also guilloché Breguetfäden limit the minute.

The leaves are completed by hand engravings of the numerals, the Matthias Naeschke script and the indexes. The final, Matt Silver Sheen is obtained through the very old process of granular Anreibeversilberung. Between trapezoidal boards runs in no less than 14 storage and function blocks a train of the Naeschke caliber 9, which transmits the spring force to a Echappement with Swiss armature and screw balance. With 14,400 half vibrations per hour there is a beat. The lift and the setting of the NT 9 are made by small openings in the rear panel. A drawer in the housing provides space for the elevator key. Due to the closed construction of the housing, there is virtually no outward noise. With its compact dimensions of 16.5 times 11 times 24.5 centimeters (width times the height), this table clock is suitable for finding your place on desks, sideboards or small furniture. The NT 9 is also available in a version with Nut tree housing and costs 11,980 euro. tw

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Download: Rolex Sky-Dweller in test

Download now for 2.90 euro and inform about the Rolex sky-Dweller!

The Rolex sky-Dweller is nothing less than the first annual calendar from the Rolex House. He took a closer look at the Chronos editorial team in the individual test. Download now for 2.90 euro and read more about the model!

But the Rolex sky-Dweller not only offers an annual calendar, but also a second time zone. Elementary for the settings is among other things the ring-command-bezel, one of the most important oyster attributes of the watch. Their operation is explained very precisely in the test, as well as the in-house work Rolex 9001. As it has cropped in the rating? You will learn it for 2.90 euro in the test!

In addition, the design, processing and handling of the Rolex sky-Dweller play a decisive role in the overall assessment of the watch. Large-format detail shots and a detailed evaluation on ten pages provide a comprehensive picture.

The Chronos-Single test of the Rolex sky-Dweller at a glance:

  • Large detail Images
  • Data sheet: Specifications of clock and plant
  • Aisle protocol of the Zeitwaagentests
  • Assessment clock: processing, design, legibility, wearing and operating comfort
  • Evaluation plant: Construction, processing, Finissage, accuracy of gait
  • Value for money
  • Clear scoring system for evaluation
  • Test verdict: Pros and cons listed

Download the Chronos-test of the Rolex sky-Dweller now for 2.90 Euro!

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Matthias Naeschke: NT 9 – Baselworld 2016 » Das Uhren …

Matthias Naeschke: NT 9 – Baselworld 2016 » Das Uhren ...