This weekend has been presented in Spain the last creation of InOutTV. The name of the Media Center, which is planning to bring onto the market soon is MediaCenter 4G, and gives us clear tracks of their major claims.

The InOut TV MediaCenter 4G It will launch a bet that many hope that finally someone implements it adequate consumer: television, watch and the Internet. The goal could not be clearer, and is to make invisible to the user Internet content or information from the network when it handles the device in question and providing an interface and associated services that really work. And it seems that they have achieved this.

The 4G inside MediaCenter

Although the truly powerful of this MediaCenter 4G of InOut TV It is the part of the services, the device itself also has.

To start comes with twin tuner DVB-t HD, as at the end and all, we have a product to watch Freeview TV in sync with the comprehensive guide of InOut.

Connections include a HDMI port, Ethernet and the possibility to place a WiFi adapter in one of its two USB ports (van placed on the side, along with the memory card reader). This us not just like, as to the connectivity it take her integrated would leave us free that port which we need to address with the adapter, which by the way is sold separately.

Reproduction of contents covers virtually all formats of the market, and can play without problems up to 1080 p MKV files. The DTS sound is not a problem on paper. In terms of recording, the DTT does so and from external sources, in MPEG-2 format TS. There is also service TimeShift.

The 4G MediaCenter is sold without hard disk but we can incorporate one easily opening the corresponding compartment on the bottom.

MediaCenter 4G, making difference in the user experience and services

With the good foundation InOut TV has in its electronic guide of programming and other associated services, give a satisfactory user experience It was simple. What promises this MediaCenter 4G is a full control of services and functionality suitable for everyone.

The basis of the performance are the SincroGuiaTV and SincroGuiaTV Premium. The first service brings an EPG advanced in the contents and information own InOut TV provided by them and includes tabs with the synopsis, technical data and the movie reviews.

The Premium version includes more advanced and complete, functions as the follow-up to chapters of your favorite series. You simply mark you which series like it is recorded and the programme is responsible for managing the possible changes of chain, opening hours or day. There is also a function of Butler that according to tastes that charting you can create us a programming a la carte on the hard disk.

The height of comfort are the Sincromarcas, which include an index of the moments more exciting sporting events so if you want, in your recordings you can go directly to them, as the goals in matches.

Building on the theme of sport, there is need to note that almost surely This 4G MediaCenter not opt to include a payment of DTT slot. We imagine that it is a commitment that seeks to enhance its payment services, but leave the choice to the consumer, should take it into account.

Advanced Services with Internet in the horizon

Those more or less basic services of InOut expands in this MediaCenter 4G with:

  • ButacaTV HD: It is a kind of video store to have video on demand in high definition. These films will be accessible instantly and in the coming weeks will announce agreements with distributors, because of what it can offer through this VOD will depend on people to appreciate this service.
  • TDT+: It is the union that InOut has made between the traditional channels of television that are making the leap to Internet. It is responsible for sorting the contents that the channels remain on the Internet and synchronize them with the available DTT.
  • WidgeteriaTV: If this type of devices want to compete with the advanced televisions, they should wake. The inclusion of small programs or widgets is a step that many are already giving. These proposed InOut have the advantage that can develop in the community of users of the brand, which is very active and is always interested in improving the service. Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube video will be those who are sure to be available.
  • TopTV and TopRadio: also with the Internet in mind will launch this service that aims to bring audiovisual content Internet not automatically but by an editorial team.
  • Guilligabriel61: IP television also has a place in the 4G MediaCenter and at the moment only has with this channel IP promotional and didactic accessible from 0 on the remote control button.

Prices and availability of the 4G MediaCenter

Something that we like of this newly revealed product is that it is real. You may already be booked for 150 euros (without disk hard have said) and for the first two weeks of June should be coming to house buyers. That Yes, will arrive with the beta version of the services, so the profile of buyers is not perhaps of common consumer but the earlyadopters.

The final version will arrive in late summer.