The wearable meta M1 launched in August with us not selling or the developers are generous. Our site has lowered the price of luxury Smartwatch to 100 euro. Instead of €249 only 149 euros for the smallest interpretation must be put on the table.

We have already by the piece of jewelry that is raved, but knew a constraint:

The our site M1 was penned by the former Nokia designer Frank Nuovo and become an expensive luxury Smartwatch on the market. […] Not only the price suggests that our site with the M1 in a posh segment wants to place itself. The design looks classy and doesn’t look like mass production, one can assume that not everyone carries this Smartwatch at the wrist.

The our site M1 is likely a piece of jewelry as a functional Smartwatch.

The black and white display can show push messages and time. Now, MetaWatch has equipped the M1 with a second function. Users get leaked via a software update (in the companion app) integration the misfit. So, you will receive information about steps and distance, those who register can look even in the archive and view the history.

Apparently MetaWatch has also now moved his website on our site, apparently there is not a German localization.