Microsoft Smartwatch: Designers Give Food for Thought

So far, there is the Microsoft band already, it is perhaps possible that Microsoft also soon brings a Smartwatch on the market? The designers from all over the world to worry and supply us with impressions about a possible Microsoft Watch.

We reported on the Microsoft tape several times, most recently about the first major update since the release of the fitness wrist band last year. Although there are no specific details, if Microsoft want to further establish itself in the Division or extend its position even to Smartwatches think about different designers would look like a Smartwatch by Microsoft. In particular the confirmation that in the future Windows 10 with each device, Smartphone, Tablet, or PC, is operated, stimulates the rumors that a Smartwatch compatibility cannot be ruled out is.

As long as there is still no confirmation or such a denial, have the Designer so free rein and can let their ideas run free. You look at the results, you can see that all the concepts contain a link with other Microsoft elements, such as the Xbox or the language assistants Cortana.

In addition, the typical layout of Windows is adopted and projected on the Smartwatch. Check the typical Smartwatch functions such as phone calls, emails, send messages or navigation are of course available as well as some fitness functions. The design ranging to a simple wrist watch, from a square enclosure, the typical design of the Smartwatch inclusive Leatherstrap and Smartwatch functions. Whether a Microsoft watch really POPs and then just looks like she is still in the stars.

In September of last year we have already created a concept of the watch for you. Here you can watch you again there.