Microsoft is actually working on an own Smartwatch and tested these apparently already some time ago in New York. Andru Edwards reported gear live, he was a prototype from Microsoft’s wearable take closer look at this a few months ago. Now, he revealed his impressions of the general public.
Actually, the test session with Microsoft’s first Smartwatch was not planned. As Edwards reported, those responsible should want to make him believe initially that any random test device from China was the device that fell to him in the eye. Moredemand, but then came the resolution of the mystery, and the author was allowed to actually experience a first hands on with a prototype of the Smartwatch.
GSR sensor could detect excitement when playing with the Xbox one
A flat, angular display in portrait format as well as a rounded bottom for a betterlevel of comfort on the arm – how the surface Smartwatch at first contact to have presents itself on the outside. Not only the exterior thus tends towards einerSamsung gear fit: also internally makes the Microsoft Watch seems a lot, to play a rolein the health and fitness area. Staff, heart rate and Acceleration sensors, as well asa GPS receiver are still rather to the more common components. It will be excitingbut the sensor for the conductivity of the skin: such a GSR sensor (galvanic skin response) increased sweating can register and recognize that emotional stress andexhaustion.
Since the prototype should already have been months ago on this level, the question arises, when the finished device on the market could come. Windows phone8.1 would now offer a good base with fresh to upcoming smartphones for the release of a matching Smartwatch. Because the Microsoft wearable but not only withWindows-based devices, but also with Android, iOS, OS X, and even the Xbox one games console to be compliant, this may be even not so decisive argument.