Minorva Chronograph 137 Watch Review

Some days ago I should have gone this review but I missed completely, thought he was already rising but file entries reviewing I just realized that I did not. In fact it is a clock that is not already in my collection, not because it was bad, but because of its size did not fit my wrist, perhaps if it had been a couple of millimeters smaller diameter would still be here, but as I am not going to talk about what I thought as I had in my hands, but before I do see its features:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Minorva Chronograph 137

Movement / Caliber:  Calibre Seagull ST19. Power  reserve 42 hours. Manual – winding. Timer 30 min. Calibre decorated with blue screws.

Case:  Steel PVD. Background threaded seen  .

Dial:  Black with texture.  Red needles.

– Diameter:  45mm diameter without crown
– Thickness:  15mm
– Weight: –  g

Crystal:  Anterior and posterior mineral
Calendar:  No
Submersible:  No

Strap / s:  leather strap with red stitching carbon simile

presentation  –

Accessories  –

– Warranty:  –
– Date of purchase:  December 2012
– Smart Watch Website: ScienceDict.com

PRICE:  120 euros.

NOTES: This watch caught my attention as I saw by design halfway between Magrette and Panerai, but as ever when shopping through internet so often, when I got my hands and put it on my wrist I saw instantly that I had nothing left either because it was too big for me. The clock is a Chinese watch brand called Minorva (I leave the LINK ) also makes this brand watches brand or Meisterart Schafer typically seen for sale on eBay. As to watch quality was quite good with a good coating PVD box, gauge carrying a Seagull ST19 that mounted many Asian cronos manual winding, which winding was super soft, and drive the chrono was pretty good too, the caliber we could see through the bottom seen and was decorated with blue screws which made ​​it even more attractive. The strap was thick although a tad hard, but it was not as bad as other Chinese watches that have passed through my hands and was finished with red stitching to match indexes and hands on the dial, which made ​​him look very racing . Little more than tell you this watch, I left a good taste for its value for money (do not repay what they want on their website that looking usually leave this kind of quite cheaper watches) but unfortunately was not for my doll.