Should we call it fashion? do not know, it is a reality is that we invade the wearables, We see how they are announced almost daily developments seeking that we Let’s technology articles that we use for clothing, where no doubt the device that has more boom to today is the smart watch.

Because now, Mota company, which is dedicated to the development of wearables, has just announced its new device SmartRing, a smart ring which seeks to move notifications of our smartphone to our finger, and thus keep in touch with all the latest news without having to look at the mobile.

From the wrist to the finger

One of the main complaints of users of smart watches is the mobile unit, making it more an accessory than a standalone device, since most of these clocks depend on our smartphone synchronization, since without it, they do not serve much. But If instead of regarding the notifications in a watch do it in a ring?.

Search the ring to adopt new functions is not something new, we have already seen some developments, as for example with NFC mobile unlock or open doors, control devices, even for help reading to blind people, but it is the first time that you are looking for that a ring serves only as a means to read notifications.

Mota SmartRing there is no much information yet, since ad specifications and price is scheduled this week at IFA 2014, but it is known that It will feature a touch screen display text to a single color and it will be compatible with Android and iOS application to synchronize alerts.

In the SmartRing can read text messages, see who calls, emails, notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as events in our calendar, which come to us through small vibrations, same that they may be customized according to our needs.

Of course, before issuing a judgment on this ring, we need to know the price that will have as well as their specifications, the point is, that with what we know so far, do not ask do we need a ring in our lives with these characteristics?.


move over, smart watches! here comes the smart ring …

move over, smart watches! here comes the smart ring ...