In the catalogues of the operators as well as phones have already seen from tablets or game consoles to televisions and as not the latest fashion, the wearables or wearable. And after the arrival to Vodafone of a pack that includes Sony Xperia Z2 and the Sony Smartband now turn is for watches and Samsung smart bracelets, coming to offer Movistar.

Those who choose to move to Movistar or its clients may already be made with a Pack with a smartphone, to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsaung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5, and a wearable, to choose between Samsung Gear Fit bracelet or watch Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

With the explosion of devices, wearables or wearable begins a new way to position itself for the manufacturers of smartphones. But it is also a new way to get new customers for mobile operators, that as we are seeing they do not want to miss the opportunity and are incorporating these new devices to their catalogues.

In the case of Movistar see as this month new packs are offered in this case including a smartphone well Samsung Gear Fit bracelet or watch Samsung Gear 2 Neo. Then We collect all available options, with the total price to be paid according to the combination of devices and selected rates: