Will sound to many of you the brand Mr Boho, perhaps by the name hesitate a bit but as soon as say it that it is the firm that is behind the sunglasses with Crystal This summer have been super trendy guys not a moment. As well, Mr Boho did not want to stay only in the brand that gets fashion in summer with a very temporary product but want to follow in the fashion world and a greater range of products. Now Mr Boho not only launches its new line of winter sunglasses but it is launched with a collection of watches of the most unique.

Everyone will remember sunglasses with Crystal green of Eugenia Silva or Ana Boyer, they were a real revolution in summer and before long Mr Boho was placed at the head of our country sunglasses brands. Perhaps the key was to make models of goggles with grace, colorful for summer and very trendy. Soon appeared on the cover of magazines such as Hello and then straight to success. Now they throw a new collection of sunglasses with models over winter, any new workmanship as the typical “cat-eye” and continue with the models of the summer but now colors more sober and leaving behind a little mirror glass.

But they also surprised us with a unisex watches collection perfect for everyone because as it happens with the glasses, we have plenty of models to choose from. Are they based in the tissues of dressmaking and tailoring to create bracelet watches with a masculine air, so of trend this season. Can you find them in Silver and gold offering watches to suit all tastes. I particular I prefer their new transparent colored glasses and watches with belt boxes tartan carrying both at this time.