Although until now manufacturer Razer was known above all for its accessories and peripherals for hardcore gamers, two years ago they took their first steps in the quantification with his bracelet Nabu. After that first attempt was only a matter of time that were going a little further, and have done you this morning presenting its first smart watch.

Nabu Watch is called, and as the own Razer has indicated in his presentation not so much a smartwatch as a fairly smart clock. In essence we could say that an advanced sports watch that not only will quantify our physical exercises, is but it also show notifications from your mobile phone.

Razer Nabu Watch: a pretty smart watch

Razer is a clock finished in polycarbonate and with a robust design that makes it resistant to bumps and drops and submersible. It has two main screens, the first of which we see reflected time, and a summary of our physical activities as the steps, that is, the distance we walk, the calories we burn or while we’ve been active. It will also be able to measure our dream telling us how much we have slept each night.

In the second screen will be where we can see reflected its smart watch functions, being able to sync with Android and iOS devices through a proper application. Here is where you can see our calls, emails, SMS, Google Fit and iOS Health notifications. Also be reflected those of some social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other applications such as Skype or Google Maps.

And where is the trick of his 12 months of autonomy? So that the Watch has a different battery for each screen. In this way, the master clock will have autonomy of a year thanks to a removable battery that you can change when it runs out, while the display of notifications has an autonomy of 7 days thanks to a battery of lithium polymer that we go recharging via USB as any other smartwatch.

Razer Nabu Watch hit the market at the end of this month in two versions. Standard Edition will be finished in polycarbonate and a price of $149,99, while the ‘Forged Edition’ with stainless steel and premium Finish buttons will rise to $199,99. The latter can already begin to buy it in the RazerStore before its official launch.