Smartwatches are nowadays usually small additions to Smartphones. Neptune turns the tables with his new duo.

Granted, the idea behind the Neptune duo is still a little strange, but can be explained quite simply. The Smartwatch is the central hub, the hub for everything. A 3 G & LTE, WI-FI & NFC modules, but also Bluetooth GPS chips, all of which are controlled by the processor that is also located in the hub are integrated herein.

Would like to but greater than be seen its contents into something, you access to the “Pocket screen”. The Pocket screen looks like a normal 5-inch Smartphone, but almost nothing independent. He is only to display the hub surface in greater there and works a little like a computer monitor. Thus, the Smartwatch can possibly replace a Smartphone using his surface transmission. The practical one at that: this can be paired with each stroke each Pocket screen. You lose for example his own you can a either from friends to borrow or to buy himself a new easy. Through his limited options, the price is correspondingly low. And the best: displayed data on the Pocket screen are not on him but on the hub. Your data is always safe.

The Neptune based duo lollipop on Android. A great app selection is therefore guaranteed. The Neptune will be end of 2015 at a price of $798 available duo. Pay now, but save $200 here it goes to the Web site. Below you can look on the right promotional video.