New Omate Smartwatches: Rather Stylish or Sporty?

The Omate X was just the beginning. Now has the New York-born manufacturer two successor 2015 presented at the CES and thus responds to the growing market and the growing choice of Smartwatches.

The Omate Roma (left) is something for carriers on fashion-oriented rather. Linked with a leather strap, the round aluminium Smartwatch looks classy.

Another target group (right) represent the Omate racer. It turned more to the sports segment in and sold as a fitness-wearable.

Laurent Le Pen, head of Omate, sees the two Smartwatches as the perfect compromise of the customers needs:

The main challenge is to implement the technology into a comfortable and fashionable form factor because technology is what you carry but fashion is what you wear. Omate Lutetia and Omate Roma are the clear representation of these goals and Omate racer is their sports oriented alter-ego.

Both watches work with Android, as well as with OS X and see consequently push messages. Available for pre-order the Omate racer and Omate Roma can on the Web page from today until January 15th for cheap $99. Later, $130 is payable at the may launch in the United States and in the UK.