Nightlife in Dubai

By | September 5, 2020

Unlike many other Gulf States where you can end up in prison for drinking a beer, alcohol is easily available in Dubai. Officially, Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, but you can often see locals over a glass of beer in the city’s bars. The best bars are generally in the big hotels and are usually open until 1am or 2am, but the drink prices are extremely high there. It can be cheaper and livelier in the independent bars that can be found all over the city. Many places have happy hours, and Tuesdays and Sundays are often ladies nights, where female revelers get free drinks. The legal age for the consumption of alcohol is 21 years. The dispensing hours are very different because the opening times are free for the hotel bars. It usually closes at 1am or 2am.

Clubs have to close at 3:00 am due to legal regulations and must not refuse entry to anyone, this also applies to private clubs (provided you are at least 25 years old and pay the often very expensive entry). In general, dress codes in bars are fairly casual; however, the clubs and some bars insist that no jeans, trainers or sandals are worn. You can also spend a cheerful, relaxing night in one of the coffee houses, where you smoke shisha pipes with apple-flavored tobacco.

The monthly event directory Time Outcan be found in many hotels. Hotel guests can usually find out about the latest in nightlife at the reception. Information about Dubai and a detailed calendar of events is also available on the Internet at (

Since the Islamic gambling ban is adhered to in Dubai, there are no casinos there.

Many hotels have pianists who entertain the guests with soft background music in the foyer, which usually exhaustes the range of classical music in Dubai. Traditional Arabic music is performed primarily in Arabic night clubs.

The  Dubai Drama Group (Internet:, an amateur theater company, regularly performs plays.

In Dubai, people love going to the cinema. There are a number of cinemas that show films in English, Arabic, Tamil and Hindi. The English-language programs mainly consist of expensive Hollywood productions and very few experimental films.

Since Dubai’s culture is primarily based on Islam, most cultural events have a religious background and there is little opportunity for tourists to participate. The most important event of the year is the fasting month of Ramadan , with which one confesses to the Holy Quran. Immediately afterwards, in December, the three-day Eid Al-Fitr ceremony takes place. The most important pilgrimage to Mecca (Haj) is followed by the four-day Eid Al-Adha in March . To the Dubai Summer Surprises(Dubai Summer Surprises) include various cultural events that are designed to attract more tourists to Dubai during the quiet summer months, from June to September, including henna tattoos and the creation of traditional handicrafts in many shopping centers and large hotels in the city. The UAE ( United Arab Emirates) Day on December 2nd is a public holiday that is celebrated in all seven Emirates and is increasingly becoming a cultural event.


Irish Village

The Irish Village, on a side street off Al-Garhourd Road, is one of the liveliest bars in Dubai. The Village offers a good selection of beers and outdoor seating and is almost an institution for westerners and tourists living in the city.

Address: Al Garhoud, Dubai


The Carter’s café bar is an institution in Dubai. Colonial charm, a dance floor, a stage and lots of good entertainment await the guests. Happy Monday is every Monday.

Address: Wafi Shopping Mall, Garhoud Road, Dubai
Phone: (04) 324 41 00


The extremely minimalist ginseng in Wafi City is very elegant, combining an Asian-inspired decor and chic lighting with excellent cocktails.

Address: WAFI, 26th Street, Dubai

Rock bottom

The somewhat louder rock bottom in the Regent Place Hotel in Bur Dubai has three pool tables, a dance floor and live music.

Address: Regent Palace Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Sho Cho

The chic Sho Cho at the Dubai Marina Resort is particularly popular with the rich and beautiful of the city. Sho Cho is a Japanese bar-restaurant with excellent cocktails, live DJs and an outside deck that can be rented for special occasions

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai Marine Resort, Dubai, Dubai

Fatafeet cafe

You can get a good view of Dubai Creek from the atmospheric Fatafeet Café, Alseef Road, where you should try your first shisha pipe.

Address: Alseef Road, Dubai



The most popular nightclub in the city is the Planetarium in Planet Hollywood, where well-known international DJs perform.

Address: Wafi City Mall, Dubai

Pancho Villa’s

Pancho Villa’s at the Astoria Hotel on Al-Nahda Street has almost become an institution on the Dubai club scene. Mainstream music and live bands can be heard here. The club also has a restaurant.

Address: Astoria Hotel, Al-Nahda Street, Dubai

Live music


In the Mexican-themed bar Bordertown, Al-Rolla Road, live groups perform almost every day.

Address: Al-Rolla Road, Dubai

Classical music

Dubai International Congress Center

One of the most important venues for guest orchestras and musicians from all over the world is the Dubai International Congress Center, Dubai World Trade Center, Bur Dubai.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Phone: (04) 331 42 00

Crowne Plaza Hotel

One of the top addresses in Dubai for classical music is the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road.

Address: Sheik Zayed Road, Dubai
Phone: (04) 331 11 11



The Escoba at Al-Khaleej Palace Hotel is an Arabian nightclub that offers belly dancing and traditional dance.

Address: Al Maktoum Street, Dubai
Phone: (04) 223 10 00


The fixed program of Arabian nightclubs includes belly dancing and traditional dance such as in Al-Diwan in the Metropolitan Palace Hotel.

Address: Al Maktoum Street, Dubai
Phone: (04) 227 00 00


Ballet Center

The well-known Ballet Center behind the Jumeirah Plaza offers ballet, jazz dance, tap dance and modern dance.

Address: Jumeirah Plaza, Dubai
Phone: (04) 344 97 76


Creative Art Center

Numerous cultural activities take place in the Creative Art Center, on Al-Jumeirah Road, which is open from Saturday to Wednesday. The mornings are reserved for small children, the afternoons for older children, and in the winter the evenings are used for adult education. A wide range of cultural and craft activities is covered.

Address: Al-Jumeirah Road, Dubai
Phone: (04) 344 4394

Dubai International Arts Center

The Dubai International Arts Center, on a side street off Al-Jumeirah Road, offers a similar variety of activities and exhibits work for sale.

Address: Al-Jumeirah Road, Dubai
Phone: (04) 344 43 98