No.1 D3 Smartwatch Review

Again I find myself at a Chinese smartwatch, in this case the No.1 brand D3, which we did the other model will review a few months. That model left a good impression because of those who have passed through my hands has been one of the best. Well since that lasted little time on your hands then he went to the hands of a family member, wanted one to wear when I go out to walk, and this even if striking color matches the sport clothes that usually wear. In my case I wanted something very cheap to count the steps and to a lesser extent in heart rate. When I saw the supply of this model I threw the hook, but before we go see a summary of its features:


Movement / Caliber:  CPU Mediatek MT6261

Case: Plastic .

Sphere: 1.22 “TFT with resolution 240 × 240 pixels

– Diameter:  41 mm
– Thickness:  11 mm
– Weight: 40g

Crystal:  Capacitive Screen
Calendar:  Yes
Submersible:  No

Strap / s: Strap Silicone

Presentation:  Cardboard box

Accessories:  Instructions, cable

– Warranty:  –
– Date of purchase:  November 2015
– Origin clock:  GearBest

PRICE:  US $ 22,99.

NOTES: As you open the box and leave aside the manual terse and mini cable that comes you realize how little weight this watch, ideal for the role that I wanted. Its construction is mostly plastic hence its weight, you do not think you’re going to find a robust clock but in hand is also not weak. If retiráis the back cover you can access the compartment where the battery is housed and where you can insert a sim and micro sd so that it can act as a mobile autonomous, although these functions are not going to use maybe any prove of interest to them . Once on it comes the first surprise is that through the semi transparent plastic LED start to look around that Christmas tree. It is typical of other smartwatches that have passed through my hands contact book, speakerphone, call log and as others I’ve seen nothing gets along well with the Apple ecosystem, with android no problem. From what I have observed in all I could review some have some functions and other others have not yet strangely seen one that takes all, in this case also pedometer has monitor heart rate, body temperature, and a pair of elements to which they do not see much use the micro poor quality and an odd meter UV usual. As for those who interested me, the pedometer is more or less in a similar to the iPhone that I used to compare measurements do not know if that’s good or bad but for me it is enough to leave the phone at home and out only with the D3 on the wrist, and as to the pulsations times I have taken account of them I have noticed that tends to falsify a bit up for me spare me but for people to do more sport seriously insurance which they are clearly inadequate. This smartwatch would put it above the uWear , both of the low – end Chinese smartwaches, yes the price of about 20 € makes either one can be very demanding with them , but at least he himself would have included sensors and how it all works should not in the uWear and also is cheaper. We know that if we want more benefits we toil away more to access one that does give us. This is what I can tell him, and finish you have some pictures of the protagonist of this review.