For the afternoon, we would provide you a little with new numbers. Some refer to the production quantity of Apple Watch to the release, the others consider the Smartwatch market in General.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is waiting for us in about 2 months, the production is probably already running, since the Wall Street Journal with more accurate numbers to her register. The magazine wants to have found out that Apple have ordered 5 million copies of the clock to the release. Half is to make good the Apple Watch sports here, the normal watch comes with approximately 1 from third.

The Apple Watch Edition should have therefore approximately 1 million units. Compared with the Android Wear-Konkurrenz, this is still a large part. Last year went by that only about 720,000 watches over the counter. At the price of the Golden version the magazine wants to have found out something. Therefore, she should go with a price of about $4,000 in free sale. Whether it is the 38 or 42 mm version was not mentioned however.

Smartwatch explosion in the next 5 years

The stats Shack “Allied market research” provides us with some interesting approaches. As communicated by the company in a study, you expect an explosion of the Smartwatch market within the next 5 years. So he should grow within in this time to a business with a value of $ 32.9 billion and come close to an annual growth of 67.6 percent over the period from 2014 to 2020.

Also to the current figures, the company is not silent. Approximately 60 percent of all current Smartwatches should therefore be designed for Android, 17 for iOS (refers to the year 2013). With the launch of the Apple Watch but we suspect a strong change of the great powers, allied market research sees Android still at the top.