The Moto 360 was seen in the Google I / O and confirmed the great design we’ve all seen in the promotional videos

Yesterday they were presented on stage at the Google I / O the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, the first Android Wear smartwatch with already available to buy. However, the expectation of most attendees were not particularly focused on these devices, but they expected to receive more information about the Moto 360 ,one of the most promising watches this year and certainly the one that has shown the best design to date.

Although more features about it is not revealed that we already knew and confirmation of new release date for fall, some media might have the Moto 360 in his hands and personally check their great design. Some of them qualify as “precious” the firm commitment of Motorola and there is more to see the pictures to prove it.

The first smartwatch with circular dial to incorporate Android Wear is at the same time presenting a more exquisite design. The Moto 360 is simply a watch, modern and elegant one but at the same time incorporates within it all the technology that makes him deserve the adjective “smart”.

As we can see in the pictures, maybe you can sin to be something heavy on your profile, but is extremely light and sensation in the wrist is unbeatable . The models that the media could be tested in the Google I / O had a leather strap in black and gray, as they say, were not only comfortable, but that gave a sense of security than Samsung device.

Motorola refused to allow attendees to see the back of the Moto 360, what technology the company wants to avoid discover?

A curious detail is that Motorola did not allow any of the attendees who tested the Moto 360 to see his back. For the curious who disobeyed the order, he discovered that there were not only metal, but had a strange drilling indicated that something could go stay there. Will it be a heart rate sensor?

On the other hand, it could only test the functions of the Moto 360 in a test mode designed specifically for the event. In addition, a remarkable feature clock Motorola is that by default the screen is off, but when we make a gesture with his wrist to look at the field, the screen automatically turns on . Certainly a great idea to extend the battery life.

Although not yet on the smartwatch technical specifications are known, the screen had some very colorful and easy to read, so we assume that we have a AMOLED. Furthermore, bracelet digital watches also allow lower battery consumption.

Moreover, Motorola did not want attendees investigate beyond the test mode, but most of them agree that the Moto 360 is one of the most promising smart watches this year. We also believe it, with permission iWatch course. What do you think about it?